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First Footage of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome! |

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UPDATE: FRAK!!!!! Click here to find out more.

It LIVES!!!! The first bit of exciting scifi news I had today and this is a winner in my book. From just this preview alone, I can tell that this is not Caprica-ish in the least respect. Not that Caprica was bad but the slowness of the story telling and lack of action made this prequel unworthy to be mentioned in the same breath as BSG. They only sticking point is the SYFY logo in the trailer which kills me. The SYFY Channel is an empty husk of what I used to love about the channel. Even back in the days of SCIFI, there was the long lull between seasons and even mid seasons episodes when BSG was on the air. Farscape was this first series to have suffered this fate and thus, I have yet to see seasons three and four. Hell, MAD MEN took 17 months off between seasons. Stop the nonsense and the fans will support the show. Don’t yank the fans, SYFY!!!!

Enjoy the trailer below!!!

First Footage of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome!


The second spin-off of Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica reboot looks to be a bit closer than we thought. Here’s the first footage:

So, ignoring the strange choice to basically make the trailer the bastard cousin of the U.S. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trailer, what are we seeing? Well, to start, we’re seeing little Bill Adama! In a viper! Being awesome!

In all honesty, it looks like this was the BSG prequel we’d really been waiting for. A lack of movement (and enough likeable characters) killed Caprica off pretty quickly, and Blood and Chrome is already looking a lot more like the BSG we know and love. It’s possible that this spin-off may rely more heavily on action, and CGI will clearly be a sizeable component since we’ve got lots of early cylons to contend with.

What are you hoping to see? And do you think Blood and Chrome has what it takes to be the “gamechanger” Syfy is heralding it as?

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Hulu – Misfits: One – Watch the full episode now.

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Hulu – Misfits: One – Watch the full episode now., posted with vodpod

Tired of the summer blahs even though summer begins tomorrow? I don’t know about you but I am in need of something big to rev my scifi appetite and having to wait for the next half season of Doctor Who was not making this fan happy. As I was reading the numerous blogs for my google reader, I came across this bit about Misfits. This show is not on cable or regular channel. Syfy or whatever the channel had better not monkey up with an US version like what they did to Being Human. No, this show in on Hulu. This online video content provider has always been a favorite destination to visit and now that I dumped cable several months ago, I am truly rewarded with a scifi series that has the right elements to make this a HUGE hit in my book.

When describing this series, I would have to do this kind of mashup – think The Breakfast Club meets Teen Titans meets X-Men. This is a must watch series and can rival my once beloved Heroes Season 1. (Still saddens me that the series never continued after that; I wonder why?) I really don’t want to get into further details because I don’t want to give anything else away. All I can say, if you follow this blog and recently noticed the lack of postings, this show has re-energized my passion for all things scifi. I hope you will agree with me.

Okay, ’nuff chat. What the show posted on the blog and tell me what you think. FYI – NSFW due to language and adult themes but then again, why would you be watching this at work?

Hulu – Warehouse 13: Pilot – Watch the full episode now.

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scifi channel's new logo syfyReally?!? Imagine greater?!? Who is the channel trying to convice? Us the viewers, who have grown tired by the lack identity this channel used to have? Or themselves into believing this is the right direction? Those who follow politics last year heard the familiar phrase about putting lipstick on a pig. Guess what, Syfy is still a pig and not the kind of Ziggy Piggy I used to love. I liked Syfy when it was called AIG.

This comparison may go over some  heads but with our “tough economic times” AIG, a huge insurance corporation, has had such a bad reputation that they decided to rebrand themselves to AIU. See the difference? And I don’t see the difference with Syfy or siffy if you pronounce this way.

I remembered back in the days, when the Scifi Channel really meant something to me. Shows which grew up on like Buck Rogers, The Incredible Hulk, and hell, even Manimal was the aired once more for us fans. The wow factor of having a channel with all scifi materials 24-7 was incredible but now…now I have other avenues like Hulu, my trusty old dvd collection and of course, my library’s collection.

Once Syfy decided to add non-scifi programming to their weak base of shows, I knew this channel was in trouble. Before I go, let me explain how a marketing mix would work or how I have come to understand the 4 P’s and not the 456.

Product – this is of course, the service of the channel to all of geeks

Price – while many have this included this in our cable subscription, there are cable companies that would charge extra for the service. Since the channel is free, the perception from the customer is the value of this service. When the channel first came out, I was willing to pay extra. Now, screw it.

Place – The channel is on cable and online. Those who missed the shows on the channel the night before like BSG, we would be able to watch the show through However, this channel has missed the mark like with Hulu to at least keep past scifi show online and on demand. I love watching B5 on Hulu and Firefly. Syfy does not have BSG to hang the hats on and there is nothing to bolster this channel.

Promotion – The biggest advertisement this channel had was word of mouth. When Farscape was on or BSG or The Dresden Files fans would try to get others to watch as well. No amount of PR can make this happen at little to no cost. Jump forward, we have Warehouse 13. Honestly, I really tried to muster there the first 1/2 and I couldn’t stand it anymore. Now, you are reading this entry and countless others will understand my feelings in this matter.

I’m sad that the channel that I used to watch to get all my geek fixes is no longer in my life. There is no reason to go back only forward. Sadly, this channel’s direction is completely wrong and the name change it just the tip of the iceberg that is sinking this boat.

WTF… What The Frak?!?

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I have just seen “Last Exist” for BSG and I have to say it sucked BIG time how this all came together. I am less than impressed with the big reveal of Ellen Tigh being that final Cylon and when we jump into this episode, we see that how backstory that supposedly had happened several years back. The whole conversation between Ellen and John reeks of Bladerunner’s Roy Batty and Dr. Tyrell. I had expected John at one point to say, “All those moments will be lost like tears in rain.” Come one, BSG writers this should have been one of those OMG moments but rather it turns out a big huh? 

Anders, who is recovering from the brain drain, now has visions of what has happened before. Fine, I’ll go with it but honestly, how much time does he need to explain all this has happened before and will again. And why for frak sake does he need his other skin job friends? To help them to remember? To have them sing Ding, Ding, Ding goes the Trolley? Can’t someone just record what he’s saying or maybe start a blog or podcast, you know time shifting tools, so that Chief can stop frakking appearing in every other scene. Yes, Chief is back in title and rank and has to repair Galactica. Great, I am all for that but what a minute, he has to be with Anders to find out more about the visions, but wait, Chief has to back to repair the ship, no wait, back to Anders…..STOP THIS CRAP!!!

We have 5 weeks to go until this series is completely over. I want to be  amazed, stunned, and in awe of an ending that is equal if not more to the amount of time I have spent watching, buying BSG merchandise, and loving this show. Let BSG be BSG and not just BS. Frakkers!

Sci Fi Channel warns of voting machine hacking

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Sci Fi Channel warns of voting machine hacking
No, this isn’t an “X-Files” episode. The cable network’s Web site claims the threat is real.

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Battlestar Galactica Season Five coming January 2009 « Show Me SciFi

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What I hate is the long delay between the seasons. Fans have been frakked over since the seasons 2 and 3. When I heard season 4 was going to be the last and then split over two years, I was royally pissed. And then the writer’s strike hit which may the split even more possible. But why are the last 10 episodes referred as season 5 when its part of the same season 4? To continue on this rant, since when are 10 episodes considered a season. I bought the reasoning with The Shield on F/X that 13 shows worked to tell their stories. Now Torchwood for its 3rd go around will only have 5 shows?! Are you kidding me?! What the hell is going on?! Don’t say that this is part of a marketing ploy because you are pushing away the fans who support the show week after week, attend the conventions and buy the dvd series. Stop screwing the fans over. That’s why I’ve stopped watching the Scifi Channel. 

Battlestar Galactica Season Five coming January 2009 « Show Me SciFi

Hulu – Birds of a Feather: The Dresden Files

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Missed watching the Dresden Files on the Scifi Channel? Thanks to Hulu you can see them again.




BSG Season 4 – The Ties That Bind Episode Review

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Sorry for the delay but NY Comic Con put me behind 3 weeks worth of BSG.

Opening teaser with Brother Cavil was quick and to the point recapping of what happened to him and the other models in the blood bath. We then jump into Cally and Chief going at it like many couples struggle with the demands on their own lives and their lives together raising a child. Like many fustrating nights, I know what Cally is feeling in trying to calm one’s child. We see her dependence on something else that is not Stims per se but some other drug to deal with the pressure. On a side note, Nicki Clyne who plays Cally was a little heavier at the beginning of the BSG series but she has lost a great deal of weight that I almost didn’t recognize her. Anywho, back to the review. The use of the spinning light shaped moons and stars from a lamp seen in their quarters really added a heightened element of one’s life “spinning”  out of control. Nice touch. I did want to mention, Cally finds a napkin from Joe’s Bar. Cally then makes the connection that this was the place Chief went.

Okay, for starters, since the war began and the fleet had always been on the run, how many napkins did Joe’s Bar bought or brought with them to have them still available and with their logo some 4 years later? I would think that maybe the first couple of months the supplies of these napkins would have run out and turned into regular napkins or paper towels. You know, just like when you go to the bathroom and you realize that you did your biz and… where’s the toliet paper? So as you hop around the apartment, house, bunker, what have you that you start looking for something to wipe the asteroids from your bum and then you use paper towels. The quicker picker upper… I don’t care as long as they do the job well which goes back to the situation at Joe’s. (Wow, I really had issues with this and the teaser is not even over.) Second, all the papers on the series has had the corners cut off. This was a running joke on the show and how they needed to save money by cutting all corners. So, they literally cut all the corners of all papers on the show and for the most part very consistent. If you look at the pic of the napkin Cally is holding, I see corners. Don’t you? Cally goes to the bar and sees the Chief and Tory who is obviously making the moves on him. Since this pushed her over the edge, she should have saved her barf and spilled her beans all over Tory. Fair is fair, Billie Jean. (If you know this reference, you are old.) The only thing that did not work was the hazy halo framing around Cally. I know that this is to represent the confusion or the fuzziness buzz in her but when it is not used as a POV shot, the effect is not really clear especially when this is cut with other normal shots.

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Sci-Fi Channel Sucks « Show Me SciFi

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Sci-Fi Channel Sucks « Show Me SciFi

If you care to join others with the same feelings, click the link above.

Cinematic Titanic makes Rolling Stone! « The Daily P.O.P.

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Cinematic Titanic makes Rolling Stone! « The Daily P.O.P.

If you are a fan of MST3K and not aware about Cinematic Titanic; then for GODS sake read on. The original cast and writers of MST3k have return in a new and hopefully ongoing new venture called Cinematic Titanic. The concept is still the same as jokes are made while the movie is playing which is classic MST3k but there is a larger cast and the use of physical props to interact with the actual movie. Take a look at the YouTube clip to see the concept come to life.

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