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Whedon Shares What His Wonder Woman Could Have Been — Slice of SciFi

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File this one under a missed opportunity.

During a conversation about his new Much Ado About Nothing, director Joss Whedon shared a bit about what his vision of Wonder Woman would have looked like.

“She was a little bit like Angelina Jolie,” Whedon said with a laugh. “She sort of traveled the world. She was very powerful and very naïve about people, and the fact that she was a goddess was how I eventually found my in to her humanity and vulnerability, because she would look at us and the way we kill each other and the way we let people starve and the way the world is run and she’d just be like, None of this makes sense to me. I can’t cope with it, I can’t understand, people are insane. And ultimately her romance with Steve was about him getting her to see what it’s like not to be a goddess, what it’s like when you are weak, when you do have all these forces controlling you and there’s nothing you can do about it. That was the sort of central concept of the thing. Him teaching her humanity and her saying, OK, great, but we can still do better.”

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While I have downloaded the pilot from David E. Kelley‘s Wonder Woman, I have yet to watch it past the opening teaser. There is just something that I can not figure out. I am still not clear why adapting a Wonder Woman to the big or small screen has become nearly impossible to do. Granted, Lynda Carter‘s WW has had lots of flaws but it has at the very least set a standard which all other tv comic book adaptation should follow. Hell, they were able to do a World War II setting for one season and then it was picked up by another network, WW was brought to present day; that is back in the 70’s.

I am still sadden by the loss of Whedon’s take over WW just because I know his track record on strong female characters throughout his writing and directing career. Whatever happens to the future, I do not want to see a “No Tights, No Flights” direction like Smallville. Don’t get me wrong, Smallville works for itself on its own terms. WW needs a mythology that works for today’s audience, a costume that pay homage to the history but it is more functional, and an actress who can pull it off. Doing some research, I came across this little tidbit below. Do you agree, if it is true???

Gail Berman on Why ‘Firefly’ Had to Be Cancelled | Ology

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Throwing in my two cents on this topic, there are a few things that I want to chime in about on Firefly. Having just come off watching Buffy/Angel only on dvd, I was eager to see this show despite it being on a friday night. The first episode that aired was, “The Train Job.” This turned out to be the second episode in the show but the first one to be aired.

Watching the first couple of minutes, I quickly got it. What nailed my love for this show was Mal kicking one of the henchmen into the Serenity‘s air in-take vents when he refused to take the money back. Mal tried it again with another henchmen and it worked but it was one of those moments, “He f$%&ing killed a bad guy” and yet it was one of the funniest moments of Firefly I truly loved.

Having said all this, I remembered that Joss hated the fact that Fox played the episodes out-of-order. I understand this completely but for once, I agreed with Fox on delaying the pilot episode till much later. The Train Job quickly filled in to us as to who are these people are and the world they lived in. I’m all for a pilot to show how this group came together but I had I watched it in the original order I might not have loved the show in the same manner. It’s like watching Star Wars Episode 4 first and then 5, 6 and then the prequels 1, 2, 3. If you watch it numerically the impact and the reveal of Vader as Luke’s father is completely lost. The same can be said for Mal’s humor and point of view.

So, where does this leave us? Back where all of us are, wanting more Firefly. Can lightning in the bottle be captured again? I don’t think so. Let Firefly rest in our hearts and dvd players as is.

Gail Berman on Why ‘Firefly’ Had to Be Cancelled


Whedon on the set of ‘Serenity’ with Gina Torres, Summer Glau, Nathan Fillion, and Alan Tudyk.[ Image Source ]

Firefly, Joss Whedon’s short-lived space western from 2002, has been in the news lately, with fans getting extra revved over the announcement that The Science Channel would air reruns of the show. After Nathan Fillion made an offhand comment about wishing he could buy the rights, fans launched a campaign to do just that; Fillion gently told them to calm down.

Why all the hubbub? Perhaps it’s because for many, Firefly represented the best of Whedon’s gritty, funny worlds, with commentary on government control, religion, and morality. Perhaps because it’s his show with the shortest run. (Even Dollhouse got two seasons on Fox, from 2009-2010.) But as evidenced by charity screenings and comic continuations, the Browncoats’ love will never waver.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette got a chance to chat with Gail Berman, who served as the Fox Entertainment president during Firefly’s run and had to be the one to cancel the show. Despite her personal connections to Whedon–indeed, she’s served as executive producer on Buffy and Angel–Berman knew that she had to make the painful decision.

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Proposed ‘Wonder Woman’ TV Series Meets More Rejection | Geeks of Doom

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We start off in 2005, Joss Whedon was signed on to write and direct Wonder Woman. While this sat well with me since Joss knows who to write and direct strong female leads, the studio on the other hand had other ideas and kicked Joss off the protect. I did find some interesting illustrations of what the new Wonder Woman would have looked like.

In 2007, director George Miller was undertaking a JLA movie before the writer’s strike.  Click here to check out this early blog I did in 2007 about some casting news and a pick I thought who would work well as the new Wonder Woman and there was talk about Jessica Biel. A few days later, the news I discovered was the Theresa Palmer was the new Wonder Woman in the JLA movie. Click here to read more. And then, there was a recasting with Theresa in so much that she would be playing another character in the DC universe but in the end the writer’s strike killed the plan.

Last year, we had news about Wonder Woman not on the big screen but on the original tv screen which the great Linda Carter heralded many years ago. Word today, the news is not good as even the David E. Kelly could not get this project off the ground either. So, this begs the question, would want to see this Amazon on the big or small screen? And, who would be worthy to fill the boots of Wonder Woman?

Proposed ‘Wonder Woman’ TV Series Meets More Rejection

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This past October we were informed that after many failed attempts to turn Wonder Woman into a popular movie franchise, DC Comics would be teaming up with Warner Brothers TV and top-tier showrunner, David E. Kelley, in hopes of developing a new TV series based on the popular comic book heroine.

Sadly, for fans of the superhero who have been itching to see her in some form of modern live-action entertainment, this day will not come any time soon.

After writing a spec script for the pilot episode, Kelley and friends set off to make their pitch to the various networks. Fox turned them down, as did ABC, who are owned by Disney, the company that purchased Marvel for $4 billion. You can see where that might be an issue.

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Thor And Captain America Will Be 3-D Films (via THE FIRE WIRE)

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Once more the 3-D rears its ugly head. While I am pleased about the upcoming news plus more coming from Comic-Con, I am truly over the whole 3-D experience. During the week, I went to see Despicable Me and was mistakenly charged for the 3-D version. I’m sorry but paying more, $11 per person, is getting less. I rather stick to the 2-D experience where one: the cost is down – less $3.50 pp and two: I don’t get a freakin’ headache 30 minutes into the film. What is even more shameless, on Despicable, there are 3 scenes where the 3-D would make the film experience better.

I’m grateful for the upcoming Tron: Legacy will only have limited 3-D once inside the computer world. This also reminds me of watching 13 Ghosts where the only time you would wear the 3-D goggles would be when the ghosts starts to make there appearance on film. Now, I saw this on tv way back in 70’s or 80’s on WPIX Channel 11; now, that was some fun sh$t to watch.

Thor And Captain America Will Be 3-D Films It’s official: The hammer of Thor and the shield of Captain America will fly straight at moviegoers in 3-D. On Saturday, July 24th, Marvel Studios will showcase the final studio presentation at Comic-Con’s biggest room, Hall H, and “Thor” director Kenneth Branagh will use that climactic slot not just to introduce some of his cast (a cast that includes Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins) but also to persuade skeptical fans that 3 … Read More


Pink is the New Blog » Joss Whedon To Direct ‘The Avengers’

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I can not express the joy and the happiness to hear Joss back in the saddle again. While I have to play catch up on Dollhouse, I thought Joss got a raw deal on Wonder Woman. This now begs the question, how much input will Joss have in sewing up the Marvel film franchise with Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, and Nick Fury coming into play over the next couple of summers? Plus, since with Disney in charge of Marvel, will we be treated to a Disney like treatment or go darker with ala Touchstone Pictures with a PG13 or higher movie rating? While I doubt we will see an Avengers “R” movie, I don’t want to see the action be tainted which could also be a real possibility.

What is your take on this new bulletin?

Joss Whedon To Direct ‘The Avengers’


April 14th, 2010

In amazing geeky news that will surely rip a massive hole in the time/space continuum, Variety is reporting that Buffyverse master Joss Whedon has been hired to direct the big screen adaptation of the Marvel comic book series The Avengers. Whedon will be helming the film that will cull together all of the biggest Marvel superheroes — Iron Man (played by Robert Downey, Jr.), Captain America (played by Chris Evans), Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth), The Incredible Hulk (played by Ed Norton), Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson) and MORE! I can’t even wrap my head around how amazing this news is … news of this magnitude is what the word epic was made for. Read on for the deets on this amazing development in geekdom:

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Dollhouse Pilot Review

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Having a late start on watching the first episode, I thought I would have missed the wonderful feeling of seeing another Joss project. Needless to say, the pilot was not the hopes and dreams of another witty series but rather a false start (I hope). I want to say that with any Whedon project, “Joss is Boss,” but for some reason there is not Joss’ soul in this series. I love watching Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along-blog because it was unique and reeked of Joss’s brilliance in the song plus the performance Neil Patrick Harris was incredible. In the span of the first 5 minutes, I loved Dr. Horrible as a character. 

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Read New Firefly Book – For Free « Show Me SciFi

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Read New Firefly Book – For Free « Show Me SciFi

I downloaded my copy just now and I can’t wait to read tonight.

Is it possible there will be a JLA live action movie?

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Here’s another reason why I love the DC universe. With the Superman Returns and Batman Begins movies which moved the DC franchise back on track, I am just awe in the idea of a live action JLA film. Even more importantly, the script was already been done with an expected release date of 2009. Could JLA surpass the X-Men franchise?

According to the article on the Mania website, there are several sticking points. The first has to do with the 3 picture deal Christian Bale has for Batman. Could the 3rd movie for Bale be a part of the JLA movie? For Superman, Singer is already in production for the next superguy’s film which is also expected to come out in 2009. These are legit points to take in consideration but also, what about the supporting cast, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Auqaman, Flash, Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter. One who will be in the JLA since there are many team members and second, will the cast be of unknowns or can we do like in Wizard magazine and the next Star Trek movie and can come up with a wish list of actors?


A side note on Wonder Woman, the fem superhero was supposed to be directed our boss, Joss. While he is no longer attached to the project some time ago, there was recent news that Katie Holmes was reading for the Wonder Woman. I’m not sure if this is legit but according the JLA article, the supporting cast will show up in the JLA movie before their own series of films. 


I want to hear from you guys are to who should be part of the first JLA movie and who would you cast?