Monster Scifi Show 2.0

Posted: July 19, 2007 in Scifi
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I am writing this new blog to keep up my sanity and prevent my creative juices from drying up. For those who have heard my podcast know my woes that my laptop was stolen from my home along with all the data I complied. I am currently working on a desktop that is 8 years old with a 4 gig hard drive. How quaint, geez. I’ve been quite bummed about my outlook until yesterday. I went to a conference where I learned more about podcasting, wiki, and podasting. I felt really energized by my going and found out about this site. I had another blog through Yahoo and while it was okay, I wanted to play with another blog.

So, some info on me, I love scifi in all forms. I especially enjoy scifi where the writing sparks debate and challenges our own perceptions. Of course, a good space battle is always fun to watch. I have written a fan submitted screenplay for ST:DS9 which was rejected but this was a great accomplishment. I have the rejection letter framed. I need to get more letters like this to continue my writing career.

I work for  library and come September 8 Ihave to produce and host a Star Trek event. I had worked for Borders Books for several years where I did event like this and I relished another chance to play. However, I was planning to do a Decipher Star Trek Mystery game until I found out from a Star Trek fan club that the game sucked. Thank god, I found out. The problem then lies, how do I best go modify this game?

Aside that concern, I have been watching ST:TNG on DVD non stop for the past several weeks. I am 1 episode away from completing season 6. I must say that season 3-5 have been top notch show and the best stories TNG has ever told. From time to time I will be discussing issues and ideas this show raises as well as other scifi shows like BSG, Farscape, Star Wars… etc.

Stay tuned,



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