So, who wouldn’t you do?

Posted: July 24, 2007 in Scifi
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Okay, this is not really sci-fi in nature but I’m sure you can relate to this entry. I want to start by saying that as male who loves sci-fi, I have a very deep fondness for the women of sci-fi. Simply put, I have fantasized about them in my comic books, tv, movies, and toys all my life. The female form is very sensual, alluring and having a skintight suit sure helps the fantasy process. But even more than that, I have always found all women of all shapes, sizes, and color to be very attractive. Recently, I started to wonder where these feelings had come from when something happened between my wife and I. One night, I was helping my wife with her Master’s paper and some how we started kidding each other about the crushes we had growing up. I would start with the usual attack on Peter Parker from Spiderman and his Amazing Friends. Mind you, it is Peter Parker not Spiderman that got her goat. (No, I don’t know what type of goat but we both love goat cheese, go figure.) For me, I forgot whom I mentioned but I will admit that Firestar worked her magic on me back in the 80’s with the advent of the VCR. However, Firestar is just one of many flavors of the day and yet, I would somehow managed to surprise my wife with my confessions every time we have this conversation. But as always, she would end the conversation by saying, “So, who wouldn’t you do?” (Yea, it is not grammatically correct but so what.) This was my a-ha moment to trace where this obsession all began. Looking back, way back, I remembered having a very vivid dream about Cher. This stemmed from my watching the Sonny and Cher show on CBS in the early 70’s. I was totally in love with Cher in her Bob Mackie gowns. (Just because I know who designed her costume does not in any way questions my sexuality, right?) The picture of Cher inserted in this blog is what I dreamt about and kissed. I remembered vividly kissing Cher on the lips and she tasted like cherries. Mind you, I was about 6 or 7 and never knew anything about sex but that outfit and her body was the beginning of my, “Who wouldn’t I do?” Another moment of confession was my first trip to Disney World. When I was about eight back in the 70’s, I saw my first Electric Parade. I was near the end of the parade line sitting on the curb looking at these floats passing by. Moreover, there she was! I’m not sure if it was Alice from Alice in Wonderland but when this blond temptress saw me and she blew me a kiss from afar. My god, that sent chills down my spine. If you remember your first kiss and how you felt inside, that electrical, mushy, weak in the knees feeling was what I felt when Alice blew me a kiss.The list of these women will be disclosed in the next post. If you would like to add your list, please use the comment box below. Monster 

  1. interesting post, I’m not sure if I actually got who you wouldn’t do? lol… however, since a certain superhero was mentioned in this post, I just want to note that I would definitely do Spiderman and Peterparker <.< lol… great post, have a nice day ^_^


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