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Posted: August 5, 2007 in Scifi
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The best part of the Transformer movie was the trailer to the later J.J. Abrams project. While its not the new Star Trek film, the new film was called Cloverfield. I heard the name before reading various articles on the new Trek. However, there was no further details. To begin with, the trailer does not mention a title for the new film anywhere; which I think this adds to the mystery.

To start off with, the trailer is shot in a cinema verte style which captures the moment in a a documentary style where the camera is hand held and shaky. Nonetheless, the cinema verte style when done properly grabs the audience and brings them into the action with the “You are there” moments. Battlestar Galactica (BSG) and Arrested Development are two great examples which work best with this style. Whereas, in a feature film, the shots are carefully composed to frame the scene ie, master shots, close up, tracking, panning.

To describe the Cloverfield trailer would be served by this description, Blair Witch meets ID4. Blair Witch is shot in the cinema verte style with an awe inspiring ID4 scene where a huge fireball is coming down the New York avenue and lifting cars off the ground in its wake. Cloverfield worked brilliantly to quickly put us in a situation and draws into the movie when the lights go out in the scene. I will say nothing more except to say that I recently had a nightmare where really big monsters like Godzilla were and real I was terrified. This was my nightmare brought to life on the big screen.

Look at the trailer and give me your thoughts. Side note, Cloverfield is the street J.J. Abrams works on. Also, the movie is NOW called Monstrous coming out 1/18/08. I can’t wait to see this J.J. project but please God, don’t let this be giant Polar bear like on Lost.  

  1. few4th says:

    I can’t wait for the movie. It looks awesome, and by the way, Abrams said recently that “Monstrous” was not the name of the movie and that the actual title would be released in the coming months.


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