UFO Over Haiti

Posted: August 14, 2007 in Scifi
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Yes, I have been a very bad blogger but I had a long birthday weekend with tomorrow being the official date and going out yet again. I do have several things all working at the same time but I saw this today and thought to share this. The video you are going to watch is shot really well. Which leads me to believe that all of this is just staged with cool cgi f/x. In any case, every once in awhile, you wonder if this is the one? Is this the one amongst all the ufo hoaxes that is truly real? Like Mulder from the X-Files, I want to believe as well but could we be ever ready in our life time to deal this knowledge as being true?


  1. very cool…I want to see a space alien…surely we are not alone.


  2. Passive says:

    Nice engineering pieces, but there are larger ones
    Why look out there when its all ready here.


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