UFO over WTC and other thoughts…

Posted: August 15, 2007 in Scifi
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Okay, seeing how many hits I got on the UFO over Haiti, I started looking over many other UFO clips over on You Tube. As I mentioned before about the hoaxes, there are so many poorly done that you can see the fishing line holding the ship or how the UFO seems to be more in focus than the background it occupies (ie computer generated) really ticks me off. I remembered loving Leonard Nimoy’s In Seach Of series and when the UFO segment came on, you could not pry me away from the tv set. How many of you remember the series Project UFO back in the 70’s? I loved how these two military agents would go around the nation to examine the truth about the UFO sightings. Many times, the claims were hoax that the agents discovered but I remember 1 or 2 shows where there was no earthly reason to debunk the claim. Or better yet, there was a made for tv movie called The UFO Incident which starred with James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons as Barney and Betty Hill. This movie was based on an incident where the Hills were abducted in Vermont. Through regressive therapy they were able to recall the events that had unfolded. I remembered how freaked out I was by the events they described.

There have been tons of UFO or Aliens on eArth movies over the decades like Signs, Taken, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, The Abyss, Hangar 18, Fire in the Sky and don’t forget The Cat from Outer Space. Yes, the last one was a stretch but I loved that damn cat.

Take a look at the the UFO clip near the World Trade Center in NYC. It’s weird to see WTC footage even with a “UFO” near it.  Even weirder, the annoucer sounds like the guy from the original Iron Chef, “If memory serves me correct…” The soundtrack and the insert video with in the video makes this quite funny and over the top.

  1. John'z Place says:


    Who doesn’t want to see a UFO!

    I do I do!

    But doesn’t it get kind of annoying after a while when no one seems to what to give a straight answer on whether or not they even exist.

    Well, I suggest reading up HERE for what may be our “Official Breakthrough to “Taming Gravity”.

    Make sure to follow the link on my post to the Popular Mechanics article on Dr. Ning Li and her A/C Gravity!



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