If the SCIFI Channel’s Flash Gordon is the saviour of the universe, we are in trouble…

Posted: August 16, 2007 in Scifi
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Where are Sam Jones, Melody Anderson, and Topol when you need them? Having loved the Flash movie with the Queen soundtrack, I would have thought this would be a no brainer series to make especially on the Scifi Channel. Battlestar Galactica and Farscape are the cornerstone of what makes this channel top notch in my book. There is a great deal of material to work with from the original Flash Gordon series with Buster Crabbe (1930’s) to the New Animated Adventures of Flash Gordon (late 70’s) plus the movie in 1980. On the opposite side of the scale, you have shows like Passions and ECW which have serves no reason to be on the channel except to attract non traditional Scifi Channel viewers. In between, there are shows like SG1, Stargate: Atlantis, First Wave, Tremors: The Series which somehow attracted an audience but honestly they have poor concepts and have failed to push the envelope of what is scifi. Judge me not as a prude but as someone who excepts better entertainment value. Having said this, I will admit that there is “good” bad scifi which is ripe material for MST3K and even then there is a level of worthiness for the material to be mocked.

I really tried to give this show a chance on two seperate nights and it sucked twice as bad. Granted the setting is now on present day and Flash is a marathon runner. I will go with that with a slight groan as Sam Jones was the quaterback for the NY Jets. Both Dales, Melody and Gina are likeable but that’s when the fun ends. Dr. Zarkov looks the traditional geeky guy who has never kissed a girl, still lives in his parent’s basement, and surfs the internet looking for naked pictures of Claudia Christian (oh, wait…uhm, the last part is mine, my bad.) On the other hand, Topol in the movie as Zarkov delivered all his cheesy lines with such glee and campiness that couldn’t help but to like him and the movie. For gods sake, you had Timothy Dalton as Prince Baron who was way cool way before he was James Bond.

Now in fairness, I am open to re-imagining or re-making old series for a new audience like BSG, the upcoming Bionic Woman, or Smallville. With Smallville, I had a problem with the concept of the “no flight, no tight” concept at first but this was meant for a new audience. Many of the storylines may be changed from the Superman lore based on the comics, books, movies, and other tv series to suit their needs. Fine, I will accept it provided that it will grab my attention and make me want to see more. With this new Flash series, much of the setting takes place here on Earth and seems like each week there will be someone or some creature from the other side, Mongo, and Flash has to deal with it.  There is nothing in this series that is really fun, creative, or worth watching. Not only do I fault the producers for this shlock but I blame the Scifi Channel even more for really losing touch with its core base. I understand the economic reasons why they make certain moves but because there is no other channel that is dedicate to scifi, they can do what they want. I say, there needs to be a wake up call and perhaps another scifi “channel” to challenge the old guard.

Except more and expect better.


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