Is it possible there will be a JLA live action movie?

Posted: August 20, 2007 in Scifi
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Here’s another reason why I love the DC universe. With the Superman Returns and Batman Begins movies which moved the DC franchise back on track, I am just awe in the idea of a live action JLA film. Even more importantly, the script was already been done with an expected release date of 2009. Could JLA surpass the X-Men franchise?

According to the article on the Mania website, there are several sticking points. The first has to do with the 3 picture deal Christian Bale has for Batman. Could the 3rd movie for Bale be a part of the JLA movie? For Superman, Singer is already in production for the next superguy’s film which is also expected to come out in 2009. These are legit points to take in consideration but also, what about the supporting cast, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Auqaman, Flash, Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter. One who will be in the JLA since there are many team members and second, will the cast be of unknowns or can we do like in Wizard magazine and the next Star Trek movie and can come up with a wish list of actors?


A side note on Wonder Woman, the fem superhero was supposed to be directed our boss, Joss. While he is no longer attached to the project some time ago, there was recent news that Katie Holmes was reading for the Wonder Woman. I’m not sure if this is legit but according the JLA article, the supporting cast will show up in the JLA movie before their own series of films. 


I want to hear from you guys are to who should be part of the first JLA movie and who would you cast?

  1. I heard Sandra Bullock was a prime candidate, and I hope she is chosen. I don’t want a bimbo playing her because that will totally ruin my perception on Wonder Woman and she’s my favourite character too. Someone wanted Megan Fox… please.

    I’m still waiting on that Wonder Woman character too.


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