Slow day in scifi but Olivia Munn sure makes up for it

Posted: August 21, 2007 in Scifi
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As I am preparing for the Star Trek event at the Miami Lakes Public Library on September 8, (obvious plug), I was looking around for some clips on YouTube to show during the event. I found some great 1970’s tv commercials for Star Trek toys. Oddly, I don’t remember the commercials except for the Star Trek bridge set where you could one of your action figures in the psuedo-transporter room, spin the top of the transporter and POOF your action figure has magic disappeared. (Sigh, good times.) In any case, I started looking at some G4TV videos and there was Olivia being coxed into eating a hot dog on a string hanging from the ceiling. Besides seeing this wonderful talent used for the greater good of man and his endless search for his role in the universe, I discovered a skit that she did where she was Wonder Woman. For starters, she has to be put on the “List” even though she is not a scifi character she does portray them really well. In addition to Wonder Woman, she did a great Princess Leia in the slave girl outfit at a con for Star Wars 30th. More importantly, I am more attracted to her because she has a great sense of comedic timing. Whether she screams out loud, “There can one be one… Princess Leia” amongst a sea of other Leia “wannabees” or not being able to find the invisible plane dressed as Wonder Woman, you can’t help to like Olivia. I really don’t get to see G4TV as much as I like except for Ninja Warrior late at night but thank god for YouTube and being able to see Olivia any time I want. 

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