Separated @ Birth…. Scifi style part 2!

Posted: August 22, 2007 in Scifi
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As I used to work for Cunard Cruise Line before they moved to Los Angeles, the Carnival Corporation used to own us. But one of the strangest things I encountered was the Carnival mascot “Funship Freddie”. My god, what kind of mutant freak was this thing spawned from because god knows how painful a normal birth would have been. In any case, after going through a marathon of ST:TNG on dvd I checked out from the library, I encountered this image of Michelle Forbes from “Half a Life” episode before she became Ensign Ro. So, with the freaking ex “Flock of Seagull” coif, I nominated this pair to have been separated @ birth scifi style!

  1. Steve Gower says:


    I’m sure this line exists somewhere in a Star Trek make up handbook:

    “When in doubt as to whether your alien actually LOOKS alien, just give it a weird hair style.”


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