Star Trek Event @ The Miami Lakes Branch Library

Posted: August 31, 2007 in Scifi
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Starting a week from tomorrow, I am doing a Star Trek event @ the Miami Lakes Branch Library. If you or someone you know is interested in Star Trek and is planning to be in the Miami area on September 8, do me a favor, and tell them about this. The event will run from 12 – 3pm and of course, no fee to attend this event.

I have done several Star Trek events when I worked for Borders. The last one was about 10 years ago when I teamed up with Planet Hollywood, Cobb Theater, and Miami Space Planetarium. Fearing that my Trek hosting days were over, I am able to rekindle a great time in my life.

As far as what will take place:

1) Presentation on the latest news of the new Star Trek movie – showing of the trailer for Cloverfield and a fan made Trek trailer

2) Star Trek skit which will be played out by audience members

3) A Food of the Galaxy demonstration

4) Mystery game which will be acted out by audience members

5) A showing one of the fan film Star Trek: New Voyages

Throughout the event, I will be playing Trek parody and blooper clips. Thank god for You Tube.

Below is the fan made Trek trailer I was speaking about. The maker of the video also heads up the website. Drop him a line and tell him what you thought about the trailer. The trailer is very simply done but very effective in invoking how Trek makes us feel.


I hope to see lots of Trek fans and to share our wonderful times with Gene’s fantastic glimpse of the future.





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