FRAK the Scifi Channel…BSG till 2009?

Posted: September 3, 2007 in Scifi
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It’s really rare that I get so upset about the practices with the SCIFI channel. The channel has lost much of its appeal since Farscape was on. Adding shows like ECW and the soap opera Passions while a huge stretch for scifi fans to watch. The idea was to attract non scifi viewers to late at night and the early morning hours schedule. I supported the channel because coming from my MBA/Marketing degree, I understood the 4 different phase of product life: Introduction, Growth, Maturity, and Decline. The Scifi Channel is in the maturity phase. In this phase, you look to bring in new customers to the product but on the same token, for this to happen, the product has to be changed; hence ECW and Passions.

Fine, I am very supportive of this move although I would argue for better scifi programming during the same hours or at least strive for some creativity. Hell, G4TV worked Star Trek 2.0 which led me to prefer their programming over the SCIFI channel. In this case, the scifi show attracted me to this channel when the normal G4TV programming deals with gaming and electronics matters.  

Now, let’s get into the heart of the matter and that is milking the success of a program to death. Farscape is a prime example where 1/2 way through a season’s run there would be these huge breaks. Yes, it made our wanting for new shows that much stronger but you run the risk of losing your base. To this day, I have not seen season 4 and 5 of Farscape for this reason. They just lost me. Jump several years later to BSG, and the latest news, which can be just a rumor but I doubt it, is that BSG final season will be split in half with the first 10 episodes in 1/08 and the last 10 episode in 1/09. NO FRAKKING WAY SHOULD WE PUT UP WITH THIS!!!! Read more here which was reported from DragonCon over the weekend.

It is bad enough that we have to wait between season up to 6 months. But as I was writing this, I started to think that BSG is the only thing keeping the SCIFI channel worth watching. What’s left, Stargate: Atlantis, Flash Gordon, Eureka? Give me a FRAKKING break, these series are just horrible and just slightly better that Andromeda or Mutant X and that’s not saying much. The channel has nothing left to offer us and I will find a way to voice this to the channel and to the producers of BSG. If fans can revive a cancelled tv series like StarTrek, or the big screen treatment like Serenity or closure with Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars; BSG has no less appeal to an end the series right.

A final note, the new Bionic Woman on NBC and Dr. Who & Torchwood on BBC America, have grabbed my interest and will be a must on my tv watching list. If the SCIFI channel does what is being planned for BSG, I will boycott the series and wait for it DVD and it will be the whole season not 4.0 and 4.5; just 4.0 period you motherFRAKKERS.


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