Life imitating art on September 11

Posted: September 13, 2007 in Scifi
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I had checked out from the library the Essential X-Men Vol. 5 some time ago. I chose this volume because of Chris Claremont. The whole Dark Phoenix saga to me was one of the best childhood comic book reading. I wanted to catch up on many issues I have not read nor collected. The only gripe about the Essential line is the b&w pictures but otherwise a great way for comic book fans who stop collecting but still want to read “old school” stories.

The weird part of this particular issue came out back in 1985. Rachel was from the 21st century who traveled into the past. In this issue, she has a vision about the World Trade Center in ruins. While the details are undisclosed as to what events transpired, one can only fill in the blanks with images of September 11.




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