Torchwood – “Day One” episode review

Posted: September 19, 2007 in Scifi
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The Bad

Day One starts off with the cross of Natasha Henstridge’s Species character Eve meets Alyssa Milano’s character Hannah Valesic from the “Caught in the Act” episode from the new Outer Limits minus the really, cough cough, interesting parts and of course, the nudity. The amalgam woman is named Carys who falls the victim to the alien from space and becomes the villain in this story.

When Torchwood tracks down Carys to her apartment or flat, she is caught be an alien device that Owen throws on the floor and activates it. Reminds me of the ghost trap from Ghostbusters. Jack does get on Owen about not having permission to use the said device. I guess the death of Suzie from the first episode using the gauntlet wasn’t enough for Jack to have a staff meeting about this issue or at least make a memo.

Gwen being very green on the Torchwood staff, I would have thought there would have been some type of on the job training or some type of orientation. I understand that Day One is supposed to be our own first day on any job gone extremely wrong but Gwen is made to look as an idiot despite her police training background.

The sex-addicted alien in girl on girl action that soon followed had some promise. Carys and Gwen are going at one another but what was a surprise was to see Gwen being the aggressor and not by the alien’s influence. (Hmm, Jack influence on being a switch hitter?) However, having the rest of the Torchwood team watching them go at it via the video camera was played for a laugh but knowing what the alien was capable of Gwen should not have been alone. Again, goes back to the Torchwood training or lack of.

The Good

When the team has a sit down dinner and Jack has to go pee, the conversation about Jack’s sexuality does get brought up in a humorous way and was a nice touch for the team to bond on this point.

When Carys escapes Torchwood with the hand in the canister as seen in the first episode, Jack is very protective of the hand. When Carys throws the canister on the floor, Jack lets her go and tends to the hand. (I was already told about the significance about the hand; very cool) I can’t wait to see more about the hand.

Lastly, when Gwen allows herself to be the new host for the alien, Jack backs her up by letting her clean her mess. Only to find that Jack would not let that happen as Jack uses the same device Owen used earlier. Rather than saving the alien, Jack let it just die. Not that I expected the alien to change its way but Jack will do what it takes to protect Earth. Afterwards, Gwen kisses Jack to thank him. There we see Jack showing signs for Gwen. Might we see more, we shall see.


I had hoped this episode was going to better than the trailer led to believe. But like most trailers all the good parts were used and we were left with very little substance. I am not ready to discard the series since 1) I like Jack as a character and I am waiting for the him to really have fun and 2) there is nothing else on to watch on cable until next week – Heroes Season 2 – yeah!!!


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