Heroes – “Four Months Later” episode review

Posted: September 25, 2007 in Scifi
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Like with most of season 1 episodes of Heroes, the show’s pacing can be slower than a snail’s pace. However, fans of the show will always be rewarded with some tidbit or golden gem to keep the story going. The 2nd season premiere has not changed course in its story structure in interweaving many storylines at the same time. As always, Hiro steals the show anytime he is on. This leads to more confident that season 2 will remain true to itself without having to jump the shark?

Last night’s show literally brought everyone back except for Niki/Jessica, Micah, and D.L.. In their place, were two new characters: Maya and Alejandro. We see them trying to make their way from Mexico to the United States. Along the way, they meet illegal alien smugglers who double cross them and separate them from traveling together. Maya cries out that they were making a mistake and boy, was she right. The only thing that was missing from this scene was hearing this line, “Confíeme en, Sr. McGee, usted no me quisiera cuando consigo enojado.” I leave it up to you to translate but the name is a dead giveaway. Alejandro catches up with the truck with everyone dead including the traveling illegals. From what we can gather is that Maya has some type of super strength like Niki/Jessica.

The best storyline was with Hiro and meeting his hero, Takezo Sensei. The great surprise is two-fold for me. First, Takezo is an Englishman and second, the actor is David Anders. Since I am an Alias fans, I loved how well Anders played a great villain named Julian Sark. Right off the bat, Takezo is not the hero Hiro was told about. Nonetheless, Hiro had one of the funniest scenes with Takezo where he had to urinated. Once he was done, he grabs Hiro who is totally grossed out that Takezo did not wash his hands. Another great part to Hiro’s storyline is the introduction to Yaeko. She almost steals the scene with her presence. From what I read, this will be Hiro’s love interest supposedly. I really want more Hiro screen time or better yet, make Journeyman the new series for Hiro.

Other story tie ups from season 1, we see Parkman alive and now a police detective. Despite accomplishing his dream, we find out that he is going through a divorce. I really didn’t like his ex-wife since she had cheated on Parkman but the question still lies about the birth of their child. Will Parkman’s child his special mind reading abilities, any abilities, or none at all? Parkman did have a few good scenes with Molly from which we can conclude, he is not only her protector but surrogate father to her.

The Bennett family, Claire, Lyle, Sandra, Noah and even Mr. Muggles have made their adjustments to normalcy, sort of. I loved how Noah tells Claire not to make any waves to get noticed and yet, he man handles his younger boss at Copy Kingdom because of the bad treatment he was receiving. At least Claire had enough sense to not perform her cheerleader back flip in front of the gym class. My question is how can they afford to live in their new place on a Noah’s Copy Kingdom salary? If Chuck get paid $11 per hour at Buy More, Copy Kingdom can’t be paying that high especially since Noah is not even a manager. Hmmm.

The biggest surprise at the end was the death of Hiro’s father Kaito. Kaito was telling the mysterious stranger that he didn’t expect him of all people to kill him. I don’t want to assume but it to be Sylar as we have seen him before in shadow. What is interesting is how Kaito and Sylar and Nathan and Peter’s mother Angela interconnected? Speaking of Nathan, we see him bumping into Ando during the course of the story. I’m not sure if he blames himself for the death of Peter or for the fact that Peter is alive in a cargo crate somewhere in Ireland. According to IMDB.COM, Peter is to meet a new character named Blackie, the Irish mobster, who is over a 1,000 year old. Was that the character who ask Peter who he was?

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised and rewarded with quality acting and story pacing. Once again, I am hooked for more Heroes but I wonder if there will be too much Heroes. We have this season underway and then Heroes: Origins in 2008. Are they dipping into the well too much?

  1. LoveRiot says:

    “The only thing that was missing from this scene was hearing this line, “Confíeme en, Sr. McGee, usted no me quisiera cuando consigo enojado.” I leave it up to you to translate but the name is a dead giveaway”

    I don’t know Spanish, so I’m gonna ask for a translation 😉


  2. monster7of9 says:

    I don’t know spanish myself even though I am Puerto Rican. I used babelfish to translate but the line I quoted was from the Incredible Hulk tv series with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. “Trust me Mr. McGee, you wouldn’t like me when I get angry.”


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