Torchwood – “Cyberwoman” epsiode review

Posted: October 1, 2007 in Scifi
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This has been one of the best episodes I’ve seen to date of Torchwood. Ianto who has remained in the background, cleaning up Jack’s sh*t as he put it and not receiving much attention, comes to the forefront with the story of his girlfriend Lisa/Cyberwoman. I will admit I am vaguely unfamiliar with the Cybermen storyline from Dr. Who and I’m not sure if this episode was due to a loose thread not completed. Nonetheless, this episode manages to tie in the incident with Torchwood 1, Ianto’s motivation to keep this Cyberwoman alive and in secret, all in one show.

To throw in my Star Trek: The Next Generation reference for the Cybermen would be the Borg. More correctly, the Cyberwoman mirrors more of the Borg since she is more cyborg rather the full metal men. The Ianto and Cyberwoman relationship reminded me of the ST:TNG episode I, Borg. The difference between the shows, Geordi was able to change his mindset about the Hugh Borg once he spent the time to see him not as a Borg but an individual. This led to the Trek crew to re-examine their own feelings towards the Borg. However, Ianto echoes over and over again that he wanted to save Lisa from being a Cyberwoman. This had little effect on changing the mind of Jack and the others despite the fact the Lisa and Ianto had a past relationship.



Up to the end where Lisa had transplanted her brain into the pizza delivery girl, Ianto still had the hope. When it appeared Lisa won over the Cyberwoman programming, she tells Ianto intimate information she revealed for the first time about their relationship in this episode. I found myself rooting for Ianto because his belief paid off and getting in good shot at Jack was a bonus. Then she mentioned something about how they both can be upgraded. This really broke Ianto as Lisa was truly lost despite being in a human host body. Being ready to terminate her, Ianto still could not come to terms with this blow. The Torchwood gang showed up to end this once and for all. (Good thing Jack was able to give Gwen target shooting lessons from the last show as it shows.) Ianto is so beyond the doghouse and whatever Gwen did the Day One episode pales in comparison.



Overall, great action, story, and character spotlight episode for Ianto. Even the pterodactyl has moment to shine although its not clear if it survived its fight with the Cyberwoman. A great surprise was the kiss Jack/Ianto and Owen/Gwen shared. For once, Torchwood really felt it was running on all cylinders.

  1. Bill Malloy says:

    The Borg were based on the Cybermen, not the other way around


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