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I will have to admit that Chuck has become one of my favorite new series to watch. While I will not be doing some episode reviews, at least for now, I nearly laughed m self to death on the scene with The Doctor. In Buy More, Chuck was set up in a audio/video room and was shown random images. When he sees the image of the flower, he starts spouting off lots of information that he is now aware including that Oceanic flight 15 was shot down. I thought this was a great little nod to us geek/nerds who love Lost and the tons of pop culture references. This is a much better series than Jake 2.0

What makes Chuck even better is the online presence. You can log into his laptop and read the email from Bryce and look at his youtube account. This is a lot of fun to explore his world using real world applications like Gotomypc or an actual youtube account. As Captain Awesome woould say, “That’s awesome.”