Am I the only one that liked Caveman???

Posted: October 4, 2007 in Scifi
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I will admit that watching the Caveman series based on a Geico commercial was a stretch. Suprisingly, after watching the first episode, I really liked it. There was a good deal of humor and clever writing. I did notice a line that was removed from the air version when I watched the online version. The scene was very early in the episode where Joel, Nick, and Andy were talking about dating cavewoman. Nick throws in the line where they need to stick to their own kind, “Crave the cave,” he says. Funny, yes, but not as brilliant as the next line Nick says but was cut, “Keep your penis in your genus.” That has got to be one of the best dialogue line I’ve heard in my life. While the line was really inappropriate for a prime time show the line was clever nonethless.

Overall, if the series can continue successfully on this track, I can not see why a few seasons of this guilty pleasure would be bad. However, there was something on the show that caught my eye. Nick is playing poker on his laptop while watching the weather report on tv. There is a quick closeup on the caveman weatherman and I believe that the actor is Will Ferrell. Take a look at the picture below or go to this link to watch the episode online. Let me know if I am wrong or can provide me with some information. I think am right as big name as Will would be on the show as I checked IMDB and saw John Heard in the role of Trip. Will this be the next Entourage where everyone wants to be on the show?


If you are still looking for more caveman goodness, take a look at my early entry which has a Separated @ Birth caveman.

  1. shaide says:

    Um, I think you might be one of the few who liked the show…I couldn’t stand it..Watched the first episode, but I couldn’t stomach a second one.


  2. aproposofnothing says:

    Checked out the first episode. Not as bad as I thought it would be. Don’t know if I would watch it regularly, but I would watch it. It was actually better than Joey was.


  3. Caveman Professor says:

    I was so bored at work, I went online to see if anyone else LIKES the show. I LOVE IT… it cracks me up. Some people don’t understand the humor and even social commentary! I hope it stays on… one half hour with no naked girls trying to get a man and no super heroes. Thank goodness!


  4. monster7of9 says:

    Yesterday’s show was a perfect example of how stereotypes are still apart of our everyday culture and yet, nothing is done to change the mindset. Nick was a subtitute teacher at a high school were the mascot was this overgrown caveman. When Nicl went to complain to the principal all she could say, “I hear you,” over and over again. Funny show with a subtle message.


  5. Trishy says:

    I like the show, and see nothing wrong with it. Every series has to establish charactors, and it takes a couple of episodes to do so. Plus, even shows like Seinfeld have rocky starts…..and it became a cult classic.


  6. Christian says:

    The one thing I was hoping this show wouldn’t have was a laugh track. If it had a laugh track, it wouldn’t make it past the first episode. I personally love it and I love telling people that and watching them roll their eyes.


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