Bionic Woman – “Paradise Lost” episode review

Posted: October 4, 2007 in Scifi
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Good news, Anthros is dead. This may be cruel point to make but I’m glad that this character is gone. In fact, I was glad to see that he could not be saved through the magic of television i.e. the gun with never ending bullets or performing a miraculous surgery (Oh wait, that‘s what happened to Jamie; d‘oh). He took a direct hit in the chest and boom, end of story, dead as a doorknob. This now forces Jamie to deal with this new bionic situation by herself. What I did not like or expect Jamie to go after the first John or in this case, Steve she saw. Granted, having discovered that dossier Anthros had on her and the fact he was tracking her for two years prior to have formally met her is creepy. I just think that the last thing on her mind is to sleep with some stranger. Anthros wasn’t buried more than 24hrs prior and she brushes this off. Character wise, I thought this was a poor choice of direction for Jamie.

There was a better scene which best translated her inner turmoil was when she was having coffee with her girlfriends. Here, one of her friends has good news about her acceptance to Columbia Law. While Jamie is honestly happy for her, we know from an earlier scene with Jonas that she was accepted to Harvard but decided not to go to take care of her younger sister Becca. In the scene previous coffee scene, Jamie had to speak to the Dean about sister smoking pot in the bathroom. Having to grow up immediately and make sacrifices like any parent would, Jamie questions about the decisions she had to make or rather was forced to make. There are regrets we all carry but Jamie is carry the world on her shoulders with no one to turn to. On a side note, had this taken place 20 years ago, I would argue that going to school, raising a family as a single parent, and working would be next to impossible. From my own personal experience, in the past 8 years, I had went to school to my bachelors, then my first masters, working on my second all with distance learning. Many universities offer many programs online and which can fit many busy schedules. Okay, enough on this point unless Jamie was never accepted in to Harvard; hmmm? Liar, liar, your bionics are on fire?!

Jamie finds herself in a bookstore reading “What Color is Your Parachute“. She has a conversation with a complete stranger who later reveals himself as Jamie’s handler for the Agency. This whole underground unknown agency reeks from the Alias plotlines; I am not impressed by it. I’m sure there will be in future episodes where actions the agency take will reveal to us that the Agency is one the bad guys.

In a throw away scene, Jamie hears a woman in trouble. She finds her on the roof ready to commit suicide. She then decides to take it upon herself to rescue the woman. I know that there needed to be some motivation for Jamie to feel and to act for the greater good and join the Agency but this was a cheap excuse to show the special f/x and nothing more.

Jae begins training Jamie with a series of tough combat exercises. I thought he was going to transplant or download some new information into her bionics there allowing Jamie to say, “I know Kung-Fu,” a la Matrix.

When Jamie and Ruth go into the town of Paradise, they enter a house where the TV was still on. On the screen, BSG was playing and if memory serves correct, it was the battle scene with Galactica and Pegasus against the Cylon base ship trying to protect the Resurrection ship. I know I am a nerd but this is one of those times I can show my brilliance. (Oh, please.) Jamie and Ruth then find a survivor who was a young girl. This so smells like the ST TOS Miri episode. As Jamie and the young girl wander around the town, why, they encounter a group of soldiers. They must be a division of Blackwater because they began firing as the ladies ran away. Ruth then regroups with them were they encounter a special force from the Agency. Can someone tell me why it was necessary for the handler and the rest of the special force to wear all black during the middle of the day?

Overall, this was not exactly a great or even fair episode. I really can’t stand the relationship between Becca and Jamie. I understand the need for the conflict but Becca comes off like a brat. While in Paradise, the handler was able to find out that there were more plans to disperse the toxic gas. His team raided a compound and put an end to this terrorist cell of sorts. Honestly, Jamie was not needed in Paradise and doesn’t really show more of her skills in the end other than taking out a soldier. Next week, this show needs to pick up some steam with either a better storyline or some character development.

  1. Actually, it was the scene from “Exodus, Part II”, where Pegasus dies.

    Otherwise, I agree with everything you’ve said here.

    To be honest, “Life” (NBC’s lead-out on Wednesday nights) is a hundred times better than “Bionic Woman” thus far.


  2. monster7of9 says:

    D’oh! You are correct as I saw the same information on Buddy TV after I made this entry.

    As for Life, I haven’t had the chance to see it as I am full to the brim with other new shows like Pushing Daisies. Excellent show.


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