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This entry is for all Leia lovers around the world. Some women want to be her while others want to look like her. Take for instance, on the left, we see Leia with C-3PO, Chewie in the back, on the forest moon of Endor. On the right, Yulia Tymoshenko is the prime minister of the Ukraine. Forbes Magazine reported back on July 28, 2005, she was the 3rd most powerful woman in the world. Her hairstyle appeared to be her trademark became iconic during the time of the Orange Revolution. As more and more I read about Yulia, I found out that she has her own website. All we need is to see Yulia in a slave girl outfit and that’s enough for me. Until that day happens, how about owning you own Princess Leia to call your own?



For $779 (US) plus shipping of $115; this Leia can be yours. Preorders are being taken and you can go here for more information. But wait, there’s more. MORE? Yes, more. Do you want to see a bellydancing Princess Leia in Slave Girl outfit? Watch this clip below.

Lastly, I will sign off with a new slideshow of various pictures of Princess Leia plus all the women who dress up to look like this incredible and strong female heroine.