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While I am still on my SCIFI Channel boycott, I still want my BSG back in my life. Playing around with YouTube, I found the trailer to the last season of BSG. I really enjoyed myself but more importantly, could the last thing I saw on the trailer be true? No, I am not talking about how Starbuck may or may not be a Cylon but rather under the BSG title was the number 2008. Could it be that the SCIFI Channel has come to their senses and decided not to split the final season in two? Those who have read an earlier entry on my blog know about the letter writing campaign to prevent this from happening. Before I jump for joy, I am going to have to research further to see if this if the 2008 date is true. Or if anyone can verify, please post you findings on this blog. Below is another BSG video of all the episodes to date with a kickin’ soundtrack and played under 10 minutes.