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Just a quick entry as I found this. I am warning you, this is gonna hurt you like you’ve never been hurt before. You have been warned.



To start off with, the opening scene with Peter with Ricky was almost redundant. Last week, Ricky threaten throw the box which contained Peter’s identity into the fireplace. In order to get the box back, Peter needs to help out on an upcoming job. In this episode, we see Peter and Ricky sitting down with Peter asking what he needs to do to get the box back. Ricky acts as if he was playing around, “Oh, this box?” does not come out as toying with Peter but rather an alternative scene to the fireplace; was it just me? Later, Will’s mind gets read by Peter who discovers that Will is planning on taking the money from the heist for his own. Ricky and Will grab Peter and we see a tattoo of a family crest. Ricky tells Peter how he trusts Will as him as his own brother. Later, we see that Will does double cross Ricky in the end; oh well – so much for loyalty. Peter activates his powers to not only lift Will up against the wall but begins to crush his windpipe. Will is struggling to breathe like Admiral Conan Antonio Motti in Star Wars IV. I started shouting in my best Vader voice, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” Peter lets Will go but Will come back with a vengeance? Will is going to beam back to the NX-01 Enterprise and blow up Peter from space. Aside note, Peter is struggling to call upon his powers in an earlier scene. Once again, Peter is having a workout with his shirt off. He wonders why the powers are not working. Here’s a hint, it only works with the shirt is on you, you mook. The power is in the shirt, Peter. He who controls the shirt controls the universe, duh!

Next, we see the Spanish Wonder Twins, Maya and Alejandro, breaking into a car. Of course they get busted as the Cady is in broad daylight and a police officer gives chase and catches Alejandro. Later, we see Alejandro getting thrown in jail. Maya comes in later to break out her brother by turning own her deadly “black death” power. My question, why does Maya resort to this jail break rather she had a earlier chance to use her powers on the chasing police officer. We would have still seen her in action, Alejandro reversing the effects, and then they escape with the officer recovering. The jail scene was not needed and was nothing more than a plot device. The jail break only served to break out Alejandro and his cell mate who just happened to have a car outside. I didn’t like this course of action but I expect this will lead up to something next week.

Micah and Niki finally make an appearance. This was short, sweet and to the point. DL did not survive the fight with Linderman. I applaud the producers to let this happen as in the season finale it appeared that DL survived. Niki drops off Micah with a female relative played by Nichelle Nichols who looks amazing. We find out that Nikki is going to The Company to get cured but has to perform some task for them before she can become “normal”.

Sylar returns!!! Hooray, sort of. Sylar wakes up relaxing on the beach which I thought reminded me of a Corona Beer commercial. He sees Michelle/Candace who later reveals that she was the one who saved him and that everything that he was experiencing was an illusion. When reality was revealed to him, he was in some makeshift doctor’s office. He then screams in pain as he moves around. We get a quick glance the wound Hiro gave him and man, it’s huuuuuge. (I don’t mean anything by it. I’m just saying that it was huge. “Good one, Tiny E” – SNL reference) Who wouldn’t be screaming? Sylar sees his chance to get some type of power back by killing Michelle/Candace and eating her brain. With his hands bloodied, he tried to make any illusion happen and nothing happened. So, did Sylar eat brains for nothing? That would really suck unless you were Hannibal Lecter or a Zombie and ate brains because it tasted good. Worst, Sylar looks to be on the same island as the cast of Lost.

The Bennetts are still going through the motion of a normal family. Claire finds herself frustrated with West who saw Claire go snip, snip off with her pinkie toe. Finally, we see West reveal his special powers of flight to Claire as they go off to do their Superman/Lois Lane impression. This was one of the best flying effects for television that I’ve seen in a long time. I guess, both Claire and West played hookey from school as they were on the beach and shared a kiss. Claire notices the familiar = scar on West’s neck. As he was explaining how his got it, I could have sworn he was about to say, “This one time in band camp…”

Parkman and Mohinder are the Oddest Couple mixed with My Two Dads relationship with Molly. Parkman wakes up thinking there is a burglar in the apartment. He draws his gun and finds out that its Mohinder. Why doesn’t Parkman read this in his head? Mohinder is setup in Isaac’s old studio as his new research lab. Mohinder was able to see the 8 of 8 last painting with HRG lying on the floor with a bullet shot through one side of this glasses, and Claire in the back with a shadow figure going after her. While I don’t want to say this will be a demise of HRG but what if its Sylar who was able to get the illusion power to work and somehow change to HRG but then gets shot?

Ando gets busted at work play a computer game. He takes out the Hiro’s sword and notices the end of the handle a message for him to open it. Inside there were tiny rolled scrolls Hiro wrote about his adventure in the past. Hiro take Kensei to get the Fire Scroll and leaves Kensei to fight 90 Angry Ronin. I would have love to have seen this fight occur but we know Kensei was successful because he got the Fire Scroll. Once Hiro thinks that he has set Kensei on the right track he tries to leap out. Silly, Hiro Quantum Leaping is for kids and Dr. Becketts! You should have waited for Al to give you the all clear from Ziggy; Sam Beckett did.

Overall, this episode had some nice small moments but nothing of an “Oh WOW” nature.


Those people in my generation will remember watching the Land of the Lost tv series when it first aired back in the 70’s. I was about 7 years old and I loved watching this show along with many other Sid and Marty Krofft productions. I enjoyed the series for the Sleestacks, Dinosaurs, and the funny monkey-like people with one of them looking like a young Clint Howard (which its not the same actor, its Phillip Paley). Over on, Will Ferrell seems that he will head up the big screen adaptation by playing the role of Rick Marshall (Spencer Milligan). The son, on the right, Will Marshall (Wesley Uere) always reminded me of Greg Brady (Barry Williams). As for Holly Marshall (Kathy Coleman) her braids did work for me but I was too young to know why.  (Too early for me think about who will play the kids.) I had a great time with the show until Rick sailed off literally after the first season in comes the Uncle Jack (Ron Harper, later in the Planet of the Apes tv series). He was a fine addition and the series still okay. I was just wondering if the new movie will remain simply campy or will it be a Ferrell-ized vechile like Elf, Anchorman, Talladega Nights; which is the extreme end of campiness? Below is are the lyrics to the show:

Marshall, Will and Holly
On a routine expedition
Met the greatest earthquake ever known
High on the rapids It struck their tiny raft (insert screams here)
And plunged them down a thousand feet below
To the Land of the Lost
To the Land of the Lost
To the Land of the Lost



I still want to know the answer to this Caveman series question. Is this Will Ferrell as a caveman weatherman?