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The opening scenes had a weird theme of family and the different dynamics of what makes a family. Starting with the more stable Bennett Family the trends starts going down. The next level down is the pseudo family of Matt, Mohinder and Molly. Going further down to a broken family, Nathan try to see his boys in school which he is not allowed. The bottom of the barrel, Maya and Alejandro have no parental influences and have no home of their own. I was impressed by the setup of this opening which was subtle and effective.

At the Dawson home, continuing with the family theme, Micah was up to his new family of cousins Monica and Damon. I really liked the references to the struggles many families have from Katrina which set the show more grounded in reality. Monica in this episode really shines as she is the newest hero with a really cool power. She can mimic anything she sees and perform them perfectly. The swing around wrestling move she did on the would be robber was fantastic. Should we call her IRG – Instant Replay Girl?

The storyline of who attacked Angela Petrelli continues with shades of the Watchmen graphic novel. She confesses to killing Kaito Nakamura which we know she is covering up who really did the murder. Going back to the murder of Kaito, I guess we can rule out Sylar who appeared to be not only be nowhere near the murder site but was in no condition to fight as we saw last week‘s episode.

The boy issue with Claire continues quite normally with her making excuses to meet West. The lie that Claire comes up about going out for cheerleader was convincing and logical for HRG to buy. Later, the Haitian guy, (writer’s come up with a name already), at the end of the episode visits HRG and tells him of the location of Isaac’s painting. The secrets Claire and HRG are keeping from each other has to come to a head and break up the family.

The storyline with the Wonder Twins takes an interesting turn when Sylar joins the group. What I was confused about was Sylar’s motivation when to kill off Derek. Sylar gives the “Golly” line about the twins being normal when Derek shows him their pictures in the paper. Sylar goes tells Derek to call the cops but kills him shortly thereafter. After that, Sylar goes back into the car to get the truth from the Twins. Maya starts up her special powers when she becomes emotional. When the effects are reversed, Sylar realizes that they have powers. Is Sylar going to be the next Magneto and create his own brotherhood?

Overall slightly better than last week. Not mentioned above but I wanted to address quickly was Nathan’s distorted view of himself in the mirror was interesting. I’m not sure if this is due to his drinking and how he sees himself? The other storyline with Matt’s father being in Molly’s nightmare is now intriguing. One of the noticeable parts of the show was not seeing Hiro or Peter. Not that we need to see their storyline once more but its nice to see other Heroes move to the forefront.