Planet Terror DVD Review

Posted: October 17, 2007 in Scifi
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This is one of my favorite movies that I actually saw in the theaters and bought the DVD on the first day of its release. This is the type of movie where the more over the top violence and gore I saw the more I laughed my head off. Having said this, don’t mistake this movie for not being an perfect horror movie. This film has it shares of utter grossness, blood splattering, and uber creepiness. I loved watching horror movies in my teens and reading Fangoria magazine. Movies like the original Halloween, Evil Dead, Dawn of the Dead, The Brood, C.H.U.D., People Under The Stairs, Hellraiser, Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th are true classics in the horror genre. The new crop of I Know What You Saw in the Hostel Last Year have no weight to them as the shock value is the only thing they have to offer and nothing more. Planet Terror has renewed my in love of horror movies and will serve as a benchmark to compare all others in the 21st century.

The Good.

To start off with, we get our first faux trailer Machete before Planet Terror begins. Danny Trejo plays the main lead of Machete. As I was doing some research on IMDB.COM, it appears that Machete will be an actual film to be released at a later date. I am so stoked about this as I love Danny as he is Robert’s go to guy like Johnny Depp is to Tim Burton.

We start off with Cherry (McGowan) dancing at the Go-Go Bar and the music plays up the seediness of the bar. The minute I saw Rose on the big screen, I felt something (not that thing) about her. She has screen presence and you can feel it. Granted I saw some of her work on Charmed but this movie really showcase her well and she holds her own throughout the film.

The other bonus point, aside from commentary from Rodriquez – why is there none from Taratino, is hearing a live audience track throughout the film. There is a definite added cool factor to play this but after you’ve seen the movie without it. Like most times in a theater, when a crowd loves a movie they cheer loudly and that’s where many great lines are missed. Do yourself a favor and what the film first without this track. The only other DVD that has a similar goody was on the anniversary edition of E.T.. On this dvd, there is a live track where John Williams conducted an orchestra to play the entire score while the movie was viewed by a live audience.

Disc 2 has the usual collection of the behind the scenes features. I loved how Robert Rodriguez talked about how he used son Rebel in the film especially the filming of the alternate gun scene.

The Bad

I really don’t have much negative things to say except for this one major point. I am really pissed about is the lack of the fake trailers. Machete was the only fake trailer on the DVD. What the hell happened to: Thanksgiving, Don’t, and Werewolf Woman of the S.S.? I am really disappointed that this is not on this or the Death Proof DVD. I put up with the fact that the movies were separated and released in the wrong order but I will not put up with a re-release of both movies bundled together with the missing trailers put in as incentive. This would be an insult to the fans of the films and both directors; Rodriguez and Taratino.


Now that I have both Grindhouse films, I can sort of re-create the great time I had at the movies but at home. Since the DVDs are missing trailers below are the actual trailers just in case if you haven’t seen it.

Werewolf Women of the S.S. 



UPDATE: Go to the LINK for a Grindhouse Parody

  1. kevjohn says:

    Robert Rodriguez’s “Sin City” (not sure which edition. Let’s just say it’s the Uber-Deluxxe Director’s Vision Platinum Edition) also had a live theater audience track. It was well worth watching. But as it is in this DVD, the audience’s cheering tends to drown out the film on occasion.


  2. monster7of9 says:

    My friend Mr.Gene gave me his copy of Sin City as he went and bought the Uber-Deluxe version. I am going to have to borrow that DVD.


  3. Robert says:

    Hey , im wondering where i can get that planet terror pic as a poster? please please reply me if you know 🙂



  4. monster7of9 says:

    Check out this site as this appears to have other Grindhouse images as posters:


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