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Let me begin with giving this show a stay of execution. I was quite pleased with this episode that I actually had very few negative things to say. Having said that, let’s begin.

From last week’s episode, Sarah was allowed in the apartment by Becca. During this brief stint, Sarah somehow drugged the drink Becca had and used her as a human shield against Jamie. Sarah does show her humanity and lets Becca go and she goes off and running. As Jamie holds Becca in her arms, I would have thought something would have been addressed about letting in strangers or that was Sarah a Fembot with a bad set of batteries.

The opening shot of Jamie running down the alley in high heels was one of the most dumbest ideas I’ve seen in a long time. One would think that sneakers or some other athletic footwear would be the better option for optimal running speed. As Jamie closes on a parked car, see finds Becca in the back seat making out with a guy. Of course Jamie is upset that Becca lied to her but this is one of the better setups for the story arc in this episode.

With a broken toe, we see Nathan again, which now appears he serves as a technician who can make repairs when the Bionics are not working properly. Much of the interaction is well played out as Nathan reminds me of Dr. Rudy Wells from the original Bionic Woman series. I liked the fact that Nathan confessed to Jamie that he is a boob man with a straight face. I love the almost dead pan delivery as he gives Jamie some food for thought about the issue of lying. Finally, this is a great supporting role that can offer more substance than Jae, Jonas, and Antonio combined.

We move on to Starbuck Sara gambling which is a minor annoyance. I am not clear about her motivation to gamble or later in the episode pick up a guy at a bar. Are we too believe that the problems Sara is going through has caused her to use vices to get through the day? Or has Sara always been on this destructive behavior? As it turns out, Jae and his posse come in to capture Sara which leaves me confusion as to why she let herself get captured. It is more than obvious that she can take out the whole room in a blink of an eye, she knows the game was rigged, and yet, does nothing to fight against it. If she allowed herself to get treatment, she then acted as if she does not want the help from Jonas and then escapes from the Berkut Group. Makes no sense except to say that Sara did have a great moment being wheeled in and saying hi to Jamie before leaving on her mission. Good scene.

As we seen Jamie on a private jet with Antonio, Jamie is a nervous wreck. She starts off with the conversation about lying to her sister. Antonio had a good line about trust and full disclosure as two separate points. The scene plays out with her holding his hand and the more nervous she gets the tighter the squeeze on his hands. This was exactly what I mentioned about last week. We need to see more scenes with Jamie not realizing her new strength in normal situations. They make their way to Paraguay (geez, another rhyme) and infiltrate the terrorists lair. Jamie uses her Bionics to stop an motorized fan in the fan room by catching one of the blades and then bending it so she and Antonio can walk through. I am going to come back to this point later in the review but I hated the obvious smoke filled hallways which illuminated the laser security. I understood why he activated the alarm but a better scene would not show the lasers at all. Allow Jamie to walk ahead without realizing the hidden lasers. Antonio stops her in her tracks, Jamie shoots back a puzzled look, Antonio blows some powder to reveal the lasers. Jamie would then ask how to get past them but Antonio sets off the alarms on purpose and they get caught. That’s how I would have written the scene.

I was reminded of a scene from Return of the Jedi where Luke and Han were reunited together only to be brought before Jabba the Hutt. As the hoods were taken off Jamie and Antonio, this scene plays out in almost the same manner. The action sequence of Jamie knocking down the baddies while her arms are tied in the back was a lot of fun to watch. When Jamie sees Antonio is about to kill the doctor they went down to rescue, she takes out Antonio enough to make a getaway. Finally, the next scene we get to see this incredible action stunt that I’ve seen the promo trailers where Jamie is jumping from steel beam to steel beam. Some shots were hokey but overall was an good effect. And again, if Jamie had thrown on a cheap pair of kicks her getting shot would not have happened. She then falls in the right place near the fan room. She and the doctor get behind the fan and she unbends the blade and then the motor starts up again. This is such crap that I puked. We see earlier in the fan room that the engine was smoking from what Jamie did. There is no way that fan motor should have started up once more.

We see Becca at home alone until the lame excuse Jamie gave to be out of town shows up at the door to return Jamie’s shoes. Why didn’t Jamie make the call to her friend to cover her tracks? We then zoom back down to Paraguay where the Doctor reveals to Jamie that she only has five years to live. Those who read my last Bionic blog will remember how I criticize the use of numbers in the series to indicate how long the series will last. This is a death sentence for any show. If you haven’t read my blog, go to the Sisterhood episode review for more info.

Next, Ruth now has Sara for a series of mental tests. This is the third go around as Ruth had asked Jamie, Heaven, and Sara questions about their mother. These test sound like the Voight-Kampf empathy test as seen in Blade Runner. “Tell me how you feel about your mother,” I expected Ruth to say as well as, “You see a tortoise on its back…” The only thing missing was seeing Leon jumping into the scene, “Let me tell you about my mother,” and Leon shoots his gun killing Ruth. Sadly, this is not the case but I did have this weird feeling that Ruth was the mother of Sara. I’m sure its not the case but it did have a certain overall tone to the scene.

Next we see Sara escape, Jamie finding a place for the Doctor to hide and then a quick fight scene with Antonio. He gets a good shot on her Bionic arm and says, “Did that hurt?” Jamie comes back at him with a severe kick to knock out Antonio which I expected Jamie to say, “Did that hurt you more,” something, anything to spice up the ending of the scene. The Doctor gets away with the needed flash drive which makes the trip to South America busted.

Towards the end of the episode, Jonas promises to make things right with Jamie in trying to prevent her death in five years. I wanted to say this was a good scene but I was lost on Jonas who had no neck when he sat down. I like Miguel’s acting but at times his older physique is more of a distraction and can not enjoy his performance. Becca confronts Jamie. For she once does not come off as a brat but believable young girl who has abandonment issues. There is closure but still a rift between them. Will they keep this up or will next week be forgotten?

Overall, I was happy with the show as this was one of the better outings since the pilot. The script was tighter and more focused over David Eick’s script from last week. I do wonder why Glen Morgan (X-Files, Space Above and Beyond, Millennium) who was one of the executive producers left the show. I know it was for creative differences but I wonder if the reasons are the same issues I had addressed in my blog.