Torchwood – “Small World” episode review

Posted: October 23, 2007 in Scifi
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A good part of this episode reminded me of Pan’s Labyrinth minus the extreme violence. However, the overall episode was a fair viewing despite one of the most dark endings I’ve seen.

The Bad

In the being, we see that Jack is having a nightmare about an eariler time in his life. As we find out, these men were under Jack’s commanded and had accidentily killed a child (chosen one). I understand why the men where killed but why did Jack survive? The whole flashback reminded me of Adrian Paul’s Highlander series which this was used in every show. This plot device was effective on the Highlander series to show the lengthy backstory but with Jack, I am still not clear about his timeline as he was from the future and now immortal.

Estelle takes a picture of the fairies in the beginning of this episode and then about halfway in the show, she drowns in the rain they caused. Why did they kill her? What Jack’s men did, as I mentioned above, made sense to kill them but not Estelle. 

While I like the take of Fairies being the warm and cuddly type, the actual daytime interaction they had with the humans was below par as the acting was just terrible. I understand the limits of television but I have seen better f/x.

The Good 

The character of Estelle was shortlived in the episode but the few scenes she had with Jack were very sweet and touching. After her death, Jack holds her in his arms and we get the strong sense of emotion about how much he loved and cared for her.

In the end, Jack decides to let the Fairies take the girl into their world. This was not his decision to make as a mother is now childless. The rest of the team was totally against Jack that they walked away from their leader. I was surprised they left this ending as is.  A much stronger effect would have been for the team to drive off without Jack rather than just waiting for him to get in the van and drive off.

Overall, this spotlight episode on Jack is okay. I was left with more questions not about what will happen next in the series but rather why certain things felt rushed in this story.

  1. dailypop says:

    Overall Torchwood is a mixed bag of results but I maintain that it is more successful in what it sets out to do than the new Doctor Who (dodges flying fruit and bricks). The special effects are rarely special and there is a little ‘borrowing’ from Highlander with Jack’s flashbacks, but it’s 99% of the time enjoyable and I still dig the finale to season one.

    I have a soft spot for this episode since it was written by the brilliant PJ Hammond of Sapphire and Steel.


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