I Am Legend New Trailer

Posted: October 25, 2007 in Scifi
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While I could say this is nothing more than a remake of the Omega Man with Charleston Heston, I am hoping this will be a better movie than Time Machine. By the look of the trailer, this looks to be a major home run. I looked up on IMDB.COM and noticed this tidbit:

Was originally going to be made in the 1990s with Arnold Schwarzenegger starring and Ridley Scott directing. The budget became too expensive and they both left the project to pursue other projects.

Can Will become Mr.Scifi as his work in ID4, Men in Black I and II, I Robot has made him a great actor in this genre?

  1. tom says:

    Will Smith can be anything he wants to be


  2. Harry David Candela says:

    Perhaps “I Am Legend” is being kept out of China because the Chinese Communist Party is still ashamed of the corruption that caused their own public health failures during the SARS and Bird Flu epidemics, or maybe a communist official wants a bribe today. Remember, China tried to blame America for SARS, like some crazy conspiracy nutters. You do not think that it is racism, do you? When considering movies, the copywrite infringement that goes on in China, and the trade imbalance made possible by agreed upon treaties, I do not believe that relitively much money would flow out of China in this case.


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