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Teresa Palmer appears to have landed the role of Wonder Woman. One of my regular website that I visit is called My Toast which is in Australia. Go to this link to read more. I wasn’t sure if this was true until I looked on the web and saw MovieWeb report the same fact. You can also read more at this link. The question that I am asking myself is who is she? So, I went to IMDB.COM to find out her filmography:

Kids in America (2008) (completed) …. Tori Frederking
December Boys (2007) …. Lucy
The Grudge 2 (2006) …. Vanessa
2:37 (2006) …. Melody
… aka Two Thirty 7 (Australia: promotional title)
Ravenswood (2006) …. Dale
Wolf Creek (2005) …. Pool Party People

Okay?! I still don’t know her or her work. Does anyone?


First look pic from AVP 2

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From USA Today, there was an article of the new Alien/Predator movie. I don’t know who out there would like this hybrid Alien Predator until I started to give it some thought. In the course of the Alien series we’ve seen many versions of the xenomorph and logically they all make sense. With Alien 4, the last alien and Ripley shared the same DNA, Ripley gained all the strong qualities of the Alien whereas the Queen gave birth to a live offspring. One can conclude that an Alien should be able to capture a Predator and begin the process of adapting the Predator DNA. The only way this new movie would be even watchable is if this Alien, pictured above, gains the Predator’s stealth ability. We shall see how the movie does when it comes out on Christmas Day 2007. However, the more important Alien question to consider is what would happen if an Alien and a coffee table were combined?

Look below:




Update: Read new entry on AVP2