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Prequel to “Underworld” Ready To Go « Your Entertainment Now

I was not thrilled by the Underworld sequel Underworld: Evolution. The first Underworld movie grew on me which is now one of my favorites. This prequel already smells of deep trouble when the creature designer helms a project. If you watch Cronenberg’s Fly remake with Jeff Goldblum, Chris Walas was the one in charge to create the fly/human hybrid. Chris went on to direct The Fly II which I was greatly dissappointed. I’m not saying that Chris is not talented as he has worked on several favorite movies of love: Enemy Mine and Humanoids of the Deep but sometimes the bar is set so high that it will be impossible to match. The only exceptions are: Alien and Aliens, Star Wars A New Hope and Star Wars Empire Strikes Back. The two mentioned series each have a sequel that is worthy of the original. I’ll wait for this Underworld prequel on pay per view.