Do you want a Monster of your very own?

While this question would refer to me not sharing my Monster Lo-Carb Energy Drink, this is not the case. I was listening to the radio where there was an interview of an author who wrote, “Monster Spotter’s Guide to North America.”

As I was listening I started to remember the times I was growing being fascinated by Bigfoot, the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, and of course UFOs. Back in the 70’s, I imagined myself as the President of the United States and wanted to set an agenda to solve all the world’s problems first and then use all our resources to find these creatures. I had even proposed to my parents that the best way to find a loch ness monster was to drain the lake. Of course, I had no idea how big and deep Nessie’s home was but in my young mind this was plausible.


Another experience I wanted to share was what happened to me after Hurricane Katrina passed through Miami. Since we had no power for days, I decided to sleep out in the covered patio. I had a battery powered lamp and a hand cranked radio. I generated enough energy to listen to the George Nory’s Coast to Coast radio program. This show airs from 10 – 12am but the lack of street lights made things more creepy for me. There was an audio clip, which I later saved, of some type of inhuman/wolf/ creature howl. As if that wasn’t enough to change my underwear, there was a loud knock on the door from someone saying they were the police. Maniac Cop the movie came to mind, “Oh, crap!” 

Like an idiot, I looked out the peephole in the door which was completely dark, “a-duh!” I opened the door but I had gotten a heavy duty metal flashlight for protection. As I opened the door, it was a police officer but that does not mean anything until he say that he got a call from my wife. Mind you my wife was asleep in the bedroom but how and why he knew this made drop another load. “The call came from inside the house,” to quote When a Stranger Calls but luckily nothing else happened but I was totally creeped out for the next several nights until we had power back. 

The more important question to consider, “Am I still the brave little boy who wanted to chase down these monsters?” Part of me can still get spooked by the unknown but I’m not sure I am brave enough to go monster spotting but I am still fascinated by them. The following info about the book is from Amazon:

Book Description
Like a Bird Watching Guide… Only for Monsters.
Monsters represent the dark side of humanity–the primal, animal impulses that reside in us all. They have preyed upon our imaginations and our fears since the dawn of civilization. Fascinating and terrifying, monsters are impossible to ignore.

North America is home to a wide array of fearsome beasts including hairy monsters, flying monsters, lake monsters, reptilian humanoids and other unexplained phenomena. The Monster Spotter’s Guide to North America geographically catalogs more than one hundred legendary monsters reported to inhabit the continent. From the mythical Sasquatch of the Pacific Northwest to the vicious Mexican Goatsucker known as El Chupacabra, you’ll read about the legends and major sightings of the most widely feared creatures reported to exist–plus a few you might have never heard of.

Within these pages you’ll find detailed pen-and-ink drawings, helpful quick-reference boxes for quick identification of key monster traits, a glossary of crytozoology terms, a remedial course in common monster knowledge, useful appendices, case studies and more.

Let this book be your guide and explore the legends for yourself. Anyone can be a monster spotter… when you start looking you never know what you might find.

About the Author
Aside from being a monster enthusiast, Scott Francis is a founding editor for the literary journal Fresh Boiled Peanuts and coauthor of The Writer’s Book of Matches. He has a black belt in tae kwon do and lives his life according to a strict moral code of his own devising. A native of the mountainous regions of North Carolina, he currently lives in Cincinnati with his very patient and understanding wife, three cats, and a sinister black dog of possible supernatural origin.

If you want to read more about this book or buy it, go to this link.


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