Heroes – “Fight or Flight” episode review

Posted: October 30, 2007 in Scifi
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The brief intro of Kristen Bell to the Heroes cast has made me ga-ga for her. I never saw Kristin in Veronica Mars but now I am eager to see this now cancelled series.

The opening scene between Nathan and Parkman had some nice banter. I do love the response Nathan had when Parkman said they could get to Philadelphia faster with his flying abilities, “I’m not a cargo plane.” Yes, a cheap shot about Parkman’s weight but this funny. We see them outside the apartment where Parkman is hesitant about seeing his father. There was a weird dynamic about them Parkman being a blue collar worker and Nathan being a white collar worker. Yet, both of the lives had changed from season 1 and on a new track. We meet the Nightmare Man, Parkman’s dad Maury, and first he turns out to be nothing more than a shell of a man. I can totally relate to Parkman as I too haven’t seen my biological father in over 15 years. However, Maury plays them for a fool and then really turns on the clusterf&#k mind powers.

The question I have are the images Parkman and Nathan see before them. Parkman is trapped in a cell where he see his ex-wife holding a baby. Nathan appears on Isaac’s patio where he overlooks New York City in ruins. Another side note, the only building that appears to be intact is 30 Rock. Does anyone see this? Does Maury have the power like Sybok from Star Trek 5 where he makes you confront your deepest pain? Parkman makes sense on that level but for Nathan this doesn’t make sense since NYC was not destroyed. So, why the vision of NYC and then the burnt version of Nathan? Hiro saw the city the same way as he was able to travel to the future. Did Nathan travel to a parallel Earth? I know its a big stretch but I don’t know what to make of that shot. Maury then leaves the apartment to leave Parkman and Nathan to fight each other.

Is it my imagination or is the bar that Peter is hanging out the most emptiest bar you’ve ever seen? Other than the characters on the show drinking, I see no customers. Earlier, Caitlin closes up the Wandering Rocks Pub to take a break, from what I don’t know, to do the Heroes Horizontal Mambo with Peter. Later, Ricky brings in someone from the dock to tell Peter of the mysterious woman that is looking for him. If you look around, there’s no one there. Hmmm, can’t we afford to pay extras? As Peter hides out in Caitlin’s flat, he has the Isaac vision and paints another picture. Will it be neccessary to find the other Isaac paintings if and when Peter is found alive by Linderman? Kristen (Elle) shows up at the Wandering Rocks Pub where once again there’s no one there although Ricky was closing up shop. She fries up Ricky like a crispy tater tot and off she goes in trying to find Peter. Elle talks on the phone about her mission. She apologizes to her daddy but who is your daddy, Elle? Linderman?

Jumping to Monica and her not telling the po-po what really happened or who tried to the fast food joint is another tell tale of our society today. A side note, her co-worker friend looks like a dead ringer Molly Ringwald. I do like the idea of Monica really embracing her muscle mimic powers. I just wonder if rather doing something physical, can the muscle mimic powers be used to absorb knowledge. Since the brain can control muscles, could her power evolve to this state of usage? Another thought, what if she meets Claire and sees her healing ability, could Monica gain this trait as well? The 9th Wonder comic book Micah shows Monica, is this another of Isaac’s visions? Or will Monica take St. Joan as her alias? 

One of the weakest part of this episode is when Mohinder is on the phone with Linderman. They tried their best to make Linderman and the Haitian appear to be in Russia with the use of the blue or green screen. What throws it off is the lighting as in one shot appears to be overhead and the next to be a side lighting.

We come back to Ando getting some help in reading the scrolls from Hiro. After being absent from last week’s episode, I am almost tired of this storyline as its being dragged out too long. We already know that Hiro is in love with Yaeko but can not interfere in the history with Kensei. As many have speculated, Hiro will take the place of Kensei and fulfill his role in history. I want Hiro back in the present.

Overall, I am still drawn to the show as things are coming together and really building to the whole reason for the season. Aw geez, another ryhme.


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