Heroes – “The Line” episode review

Posted: October 30, 2007 in Scifi
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We start off with Claire not making the Cheerleading squad. Should we feel sorry for her because honestly the moves that she was performing were not impressive. West comes along to tells Claire to make to the move against Debbie Marshall to take it down a notch. Later, Debbie does live up to her b#$ch title as she writes the weight of each girl on their foreheads. The scare tactic West and Claire devised was brilliant too the point were you almost expected to see Shannen Dohrety pop out to say, “You’re on Scare Tactic!” Does anyone remember this lame show on Scifi?

Almost forgetting the Wonder Twins, Maya and Alejandro, and Sylar, we find them still driving up the the states. Sylar goes onto say how their power is fascinating. Is he practicing his Spock impression for Star Trek XI?  However, what makes it the scene creepy and sleazy is how Sylar is sweating like a pig. All we need know is to add about 400 pounds, facial sore, and make him fly and he’ll be the perfect flying fat man, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen from the Dune series since their still in the desert. As they arrive to the border of Mexico and the U.S., there is an unfinished border fencing. Honestly, the immigrant issue is all Bush’s fault as he is allowing undocumented alien Heroes to enter our country. ‘Nuff said. If the fake Border guards or Minutemen were really going to stop them, they would have shot the tires out or shot them dead. Maya should used the powers much earlier even before they got out of their trucks.

We see Ando once more with the lab guy who is trying to restore Hiro’s scroll messages. The technician had already started reading the story but Ando told him not to skip ahead. This was a nice touch in stopping the action at White Beard’s Camp. I had a thought about the Hiro storyline. Could it be possible that Hiro can not jump anymore, stays in the past and marries Yaeko? Their son could be name Hiro and has the ability to stop time, jump anywhere in time, and to speak fluent english as we’ve seen in season 1? It’s a leap but I’m just letting my thoughts play out the what would I write next. As Yaeko’s father was saved, Hiro saved Yaeko by using his teleportation powers. She then realizes that Hiro has a special gift and more importantly, knows that it was Hiro not Kensei that saved her. See how smart she is as compared to Lois Lane being fooled by a pair of glasses. Kensei see the kiss the shook time between Hiro and Yaeko. We believe that he is hurt by this act until Kensei knocks out Hiro. Yaeko and her father are captured by Whitebeard himself. If this is this correct why is there no white beard on the villian’s face?

We see Linderman questioning Ivan in Odessa. Thank god that Ivan is not shirtless like Peter was in earlier episodes. I do like the interesting way of torture as Linderman threatens and does let the Haitin remove the memories he holds dear. Limbs and body parts are expendable but I would be worried about losing those times that brought me the most pleasure in life. Great technique and very original.

Monhinder and Monica are in the confines of the Company. My question is how was she able to get time off from work? Did Monica tells Nana Uhura where she was going or how long before she would return? Bob came around to easily and apologized to Mohinder for ordering him to give a shot to Monica to disable her abilities. Mohinder, I believe, is being set up. Here’s comes trouble as Niki comes along to be Mohinder’s new partner. We believe she is cured until we jump to Odessa where Linderman finds the missing paintings. One of the paintings shows a blonde woman banging on a glass. This has to mean that Niki is no longer in control but rather Jessica is. This makes more sense when Niki Jessica tells Mohinder of no more misunderstandings between him and Bob.

Continuing with the paintings, we see a hand holding a vial. We could conclude that the vial contain the virus Mohinder is trying to prevent from destorying our heroes or the vial could be of his blood as we know as this is the cure. 6/8 we see Kensei and Hiro battling like Obi-Wan and Anakin with their swords. The next painting looks to be of Peter shooting a gun but at what or who is unclear. And of course, the last picture of HRG dead with a shot gun through his glasses. Those who have read my earlier entries will note that I suspected that this would be Sylar as the mimic powers would manifest later and then get killed in the end rather than this being the actual HRG.

This episode was a bit slow as more pieces of the puzzles are revealed. There still lacks a solid direction like in season 1 where by now we know about the destruction of NYC has to be prevent. I’m sure the dots will be connected. I wish we were there sooner.


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