Bionic Woman – “The Education of Jamie Sommers” episode review

Posted: October 31, 2007 in Scifi
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Let me start by saying that in less the 3 minutes I am already pissed about this episode. Jamie is having margaritas with her friends. They are complaining to her not having a man in her life. What was really troublesome was the camera kept moving in cinema verte style which does not work here. This was one of the reasons why I never watched another episode of NYPD Blue after the pilot. The cinema verte style has a very documentary feel to it to make us feel as we are they in the moment. On BSG, this style goes well with the storytelling. On Bionic Woman, the camera movement makes me sick to my stomach. Part two of my rant, Jamie gets called in for a mission where Jonas goes over the details quickly, gives Jamie a college i.d., and ask how is her British accent. Since I already knew Michelle Ryan was Brit actress, this was one of the lamest alias covers I’ve ever seen.

We jump into Act One of this episode and see Nathan schooling Jamie information she should know for her cover. Once again, the camera is whirling back and forth and the editing of this scene makes me not want to follow this episode. So, off we go to see Jamie is school which looks like the same campus where her now dead professor boyfriend used to teach. Jamie get busted in class for leaving her cell phone on. The professor asks Jamie a question from the lecture and while she struggles with the answer, Tom, the professor’s aide comes along and drops off a quick note with the answer. It seemed to me as if I was watching Buffy when she first went into college and mets Riley Finn who just happened to be an aide as well. Will Riley Tom also have secrets kept from Jamie as one could see the romance blossoming in the air as she sees him in a college bar? Also, Nathan is watching Jamie or rather through her perspective and all of a sudden, when did I start watching Fortune Hunter? It was a really bad short lived spy show on Fox. Short lived and Fox seem to be synmous. Okay, we move on. Back to Nathan trying to warn Jamie about Tom but the psuedo comedy bit falls flatter than my Who’s On First script with Neelix and Tuvok from Voyager. My question here, as Nathan does something to Jamie’s bionic ears to get her out of the bar, she calls up Nathan and continues to speak in her “British accent”? We continue with Jamie going up the steps to another building. She needs to get to the roof and has to use her bionic legs. Jumping back to the original series, the jump onto rooftops was an easy task as the stuntwoman jumped off the roof but in a certain way that when played in reverse, it looks like Jamie is leaping on to the roof. Flash forward to this episode, we see this ridiculous jump and her landing on the roof in a split. We blamed the cell phone for this frak up. You’ve have got to be kidding me. I just think that they filmed this in 5 minutes, it looked like crap and came up with this lame ass excuse to write it off.  Two seconds later, we see another jump between rooftops and I am horrified by the terrible effects.

Okay, I’m sorry but I can’t go on any further with this episode. I am getting way too angry and upset to finish this entry. I am pulling the plug on watching the series. I going to watch Caveman and Pushing Daishes rather than seeing this crap.

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