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As I looked at my Attack of the Show email newsletter today, there was an entry about Nerdcore. While the picture in the newsletter was of a nude woman with a cape and the logo of Nerdcore covering up her huge assets, I was eager to visit the site to see more… literally.

Much to my dismay, as much as I talk about women in scifi/fantasy, I found these pictures to be blah. Who would have thunk naked women posing with tech gadgets can be so boring. Maybe it’s me but I will include the link here for everyone to judge for themselves.

Warning: Not safe for work…duh!


BSG – “Razor” review

Posted: November 27, 2007 in Scifi
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bsg-razor.jpgWhile the WGA strike has no end in site, at least we had BSG: Razor to watch. From the couple of promos of Razor and the flashback sequences of a young Adama on the Scifi Channel, I wasn't sure how this would turn out. Was this movie about Cain and the backstory of her prior to Galactica or was this about Adama who is thinking about his younger days before taking command; perhaps shades of Caprica the spinoff series? I still don't know other than the focus on the artwork appears to be of Cain. Before going further, this has got to be one of the most confusing flashbacks episode I have ever seen on BSG.Any fan will know how notorious BSG episodes can be when the start of a show begins in the middle of the action and then a title card appears to let us know how many hours the story will jump back before the said action scene. In Razor, this episode takes place just after Lee take command of Pegasus back in Season Two. We meet Kendra Shaw who becomes the new X-O to Lee and then we learn about her in her flashbacks 10 months prior. From this point on, we go back and forth on the now Kendra and before. Later in the story, we see a Present Day title, I just assumed the events were after Season 3; no, we are back in Present Day Season Two. Half way through, Adama comes along to show us his flashback to the day as a young officer "Husker" which is 41 years even further back.  'Nuff said, let's move on.


Since I am behind in my Separated @ Birth Scifi Style, I wanted to something that was away from Star Trek or Star Wars. Over the weekend, I checked out David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. In typical Lynch weirdness, the story does not make sense until well over a 1/2 hour into the movie. However, Justin Theroux, on the right, plays a director named Adam Kesher who just happens to look like J.J. Abrams (Alias, Felicity, Lost, Cloverfield, Star Trek XI). On top of this resemblence, both guys have the same eerie look as the “Can you hear me now,” Verizon Guy. Coincidence, or were they just Separated @ Birth… Scifi Style?

Since my picture of Elseworld Supergirl from my camera phone seems to be popular, I thought I add more pics for you guys to download.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Oy Vey on JLA…

Posted: November 20, 2007 in Scifi
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I have no FRELLIN’ idea as to what is going on with the JLA movie! One of my sources, reports that there are two casting list for the same JLA movie. As reported in an earlier post, Teresa Palmer is no longer playing the role of Wonder Woman but rather Talia al Ghul. Take a look at the link and see what you can make of it but this may all be a waste of effort as the WGA strike continues which could stop JLA before it begins.