Blood Ties – The Horror Channel for Women

Posted: November 1, 2007 in Scifi
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I had first heard about this series listening to the Slice of Scifi podcast episode # 128. The Slicers had talked about the show on previous podcasts but I wasn’t entirely sold. I had listened to the Lipstick Alien podcast where Lynn and Cat had also talk about the show in which they both liked it enough to recommend it. Then back to the Slice of Scifi podcast # 128 where the Slicers had an interview with the author of Blood Books (a.k.a. Blood Ties) Tanya Huff. 

Lately, I’ve been on a kick since last year to watch Heroes online rather than watching a live airing on tv or on videotape (My god, how last century.) This season, I kept up the same viewing habits with Heroes but I also went with ABC to start watching Lost Season 3. Blah, blah, blah, fast forward to yesterday with the WGA going on strike. I decided to log on to CBS, FOX, and Lifetime to view their On Demand programming. I watched the first episode of the Family Guy for this season. Moved over to CBS to watch Moonlight but the pilot was missing. I watched the first ten minutes of the 2nd show which was okay until I moved on to Blood Ties on Lifetime.

Before I go into this series, I wanted to briefly mention the different platforms each broadcasting company offers. The most user friendly On Demand has to go to ABC as scrolling through all their shows is fast and is done on one site. To my amazement, FOX came in higher than NBC with their Price is Right “Spin the Big Wheel” listing of their shows. CBS also came in higher than NBC but instead of picture icons of the series, one can select any show they offer on the same screen. NBC comes in at number 4th due in part of once the episode in any given show is over, the user would have to start all over from the beginning to select another series in another site. This is not to say that the process is slow but rather cumbersome. Last, Lifetime was got to be one of the most confusing setups for any new viewer to this site like myself. The shows are broken up into chunks for each act and rather than play each act automatically, the user would have to set up a playlist first. Nonetheless, this set back which can be improved but did offer me a great new series to watch during the strike.

Here’s a quick summary from IMDB.COM:

Vicki Nelson, an ex-police detective with Retinitis Pigmentosa, gets caught up in an investigation after she witnesses a murder and the victim’s girlfriend asks her to prove it was committed by a vampire.

Vicki is played by Christina Cox who looked familiar to me but I couldn’t remember where. Of course, I looked her up on IMDB and saw that she was in the Chronicles of Riddick as Eve Logan a bounty hunter after Riddick. 004tcr_christina_cox_011.jpg

Right off the bat, knowing nothing about the book series, the character portray of Vicki by Christina is quite engaging. She is smart, tough, sexy, and also going blind. She has this love/hate relationship with a detective named Mike Celluci. They appeared to have had more than a relationship as partners when Vicki was on the force and before the show become overly sappy like many other Lifetime MOW (Movie of the Week), the writing was strong, likeable and could see and feel the chemistry between them. I now need to follow Christina in this series and in other works as I she can be added to my list of favorite women to watch.  

christina-cox-blood-ties.jpgAt first watching, I thought this would be another Angel wanna-be as the vampire was male, old, and fought on side of good. Yes, the comparison is there but there is a different take on the series where as Vicki is the major character unlike Kate Lockley in the Angel series. The detective agency that Angel ran is now done by Vicki. The vampire lead is name Henry Fitzroy who is much older than Angel. (Hmmm, this would make for a good Smackdown Henry v. Angel.) From the interview Tanya gave to the Slicers, this character was changed from the book series to be a graphic novelist rather than a romance novelist. We don’t see to much of him in the first showing but he does have some great moments to showcase the abilities of Henry. While this character is the same as Angel, I can grow to like him just as much as Angel.

Overall, I was impressed right from the start as the production value is great and effective effects. Also, there was a quick shot of the cityscape which looked like, and could be, the same city where Forever Knight took place and gave a good chuckle. Now, that I dropped Bionic Woman from my weekly viewing DISPLEASURE, Blood Ties and Christina Cox have filled the spot perfectly.

  1. Susan says:

    Too bad you discovered the series so late – the likely hood of it being continued is dismal at best. Lifetime is mute on the subject and die hard fans are incredulous. I, for one, really hope they renew the series or another cable or network station picks it up quickly because the actors contracts must have expired by now and people do need a paycheck. I love Blood Ties – the characters mesh and the actors really worked hard to make each their own – now if only the people behind the paychecks would step up and take responsibility for continuing a great series. Unfortunately, I’m a pessimist and won’t hold my breath.


  2. monster7of9 says:

    Hi Susan,
    I’m not sure where you live but in March, Megacon in Orlando will showcase: Dylan Neal (Mike Celluci), Kyle Schmid (Henry Fitzroy) and Tanya Huff (as herself, lol). Let me know if you would like me to relay something to them as I am hoping to get a brief interview for my podcast. Here the link:
    Monster (Montgomery)


  3. monster7of9 says:

    Here’s an update from tomorrow’s posting:


  4. josue says:

    I think not all women are afraid to watch this kind on channels


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