You have got to be kidding me, JJ?

I having been excited and in awe of the new J.J. Abrams film, no not Star Trel XI, but the movie that had no name in the trailer. We went through a list of titles with such classics as: 1-18-08, Cloverfield, Monstrous, and Wreck. According to Robert Sanchez of IESB.NET, he has reported two things new about this film. On the upcoming Beowulf film, we will get another new trailer and more importantly, the trailer will have an official title. Are you brimming with excitement to find out? Okay, here it goes. The new name of the film is called CLOVERFIELD!!!! (insert crickets chirping in the background)

You have got to be kidding me, JJ? This was the best title you settled with. You know as a writer, I too can put pen to paper and translate my thoughts into reality. I’ll give you one guess to think of the title I came up with. I think it really captures my feeling on this matter after this long ass wait.



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