KB Toys to Close 156 Stores – Closeout Sale Begins 11/8 « TWO A DAY

Posted: November 6, 2007 in Scifi
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KB Toys to Close 156 Stores – Closeout Sale Begins 11/8 « TWO A DAY

As I learned in my economics class, you buy things when times are bad not when they are good. The housing downturn is a good example where now it’s a buyers market as the prices drop dramatically. The same thing can be said for toys. Before the turn of the century, I was addicted in buying toys but became too expensive to maintain this hobby. The more affordable option is to wait until the toys drop in price because toy stores have to make room for the next line.

Adam Smith had a theory about the invisible hand. The idea of the invisible hand is a metaphor for when the market determines the price of goods. When demand from the market goes up, so goes the price of the goods via the invisible hand. The reverse is also true and that’s when you have tremendous savings for the same goods. Why buy Star Wars figures at full price when by waiting a few months later you can get 2 or 3 figures for the same price for 1. KB Toys closeout is a great chance you everyone to get a great deal. Click on the link above to get a listing of the store closures. 

So the next time you see another craze for the next hot toy for holidays, remember what I said, “The invisible hand will be with you. Always.”


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