Co-creator of Aquaman dies. « Hellions Magazine

Posted: November 8, 2007 in Scifi
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Co-creator of Aquaman dies. « Hellions Magazine

 aqua.jpgAs I remember my own memories of Aquaman in light of this news, I am still in awe of how one’s vision and dream can still endure after so many years. A great example is Star Trek and how so many people caught on to Roddenberry’s ideals and added their own take. With Aquaman, Paul Norris created him which served as a springboard for others to interpret, re-imagine, and add to the Aquaman mythos. While he is not the top three in the DC Universe, he is probably one of the most underated heroes. 

Way back in the days of Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure through Filmation to the Super Friends with Wendy and Marvin and other incarnation including Justice League on Cartoon Network, Aquaman has still managed to endure. From being the lamest superhero who can talk to fish to the later version of a more darker yet heroic Aquaman who loses his hand while saving his son, Paul Norris has shared this with us. Below are just a few clips pulled from youtube from a short bio of Paul Norris, an Aquaman tribute, and to funny bits of the King of Atlantis.

Tribute to Paul Norris

 Aquaman Comic Book Tribute

Aquaman Justice League Tribute

Aquaman Dance Party

Aquaman Song Parody


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