Heroes – “Out of Time” episode review

Posted: November 10, 2007 in Scifi
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We start with Hiro and who appears to be face down on some type of vapor bath. Ahh, breathe my pasty white friend, breathe. (commercial reference) Kensei has made a deal with Whitebeard for half the country. Later, a guard moves away from his post; why? This gives Yaeko time to pick the lock, knock away the vapor bath, and gets Hiro to concentrate in using his teleportation powers. They get away but Yaeko’s father is never seen again without explaination. However, I think a BAMF! sound f/x would have been in order as Hiro a good deal of sight to site transporting in this epsiode. As Yaeko speaks to Hiro before attack Whitebeard, he goes own to say how he still sense good in Kensei. Oh how ROTJ you are Luke Hiro! The plan to blow up the camp is successful and all that remains is Kensei’s helmet and face mask. He leaps home to Ando and gives him the helmet as a present. Ando should have commented as to why is smelled like burnt ass monkey hair.

HRG still in Odessa taking pictures of Isaac’s paintings. We get a better view of them which now I have to recant my earlier claims. The painting of who I thought was Peter with a gun was really Mohinder. My bad. The alliance Mohinder and HRG is starting to splinter as they are taking two different paths to bring down The Company. As the scene continues, Niki tells Mohinder that Bob wants to see them. Soon after Bob starts the evacuation of The Company site since Bob is now the target of Maury Parkman.

Parkman comes into his own in this episode as Bob explain to him that he has the same abilities as his father. As Bob said, “Whatever the brain controls, you control.” This gave me food for thoughts about a Heroes Smackdown. Read towards the end for more. Parkman had a moment to spend with Molly before his showdown with his dad. DL comes back to screw with Niki’s head but we see Maury pulling the strings. As expected, Maury uses Niki to carry out his will to kill Bob. Niki was able to resist long enough to inject herself with the killer virus. Mohinder’s blood does not provide the cure. This led me into thinking about the painting of Niki banging on a glass. One thought, Niki is trapped in a decontamination center as the one Peter was kept in. Or, big leap of logic, Niki is able to seperate into two seperate people thereby leaving Jessica to have the virus and Niki to be free and clear of the virus. Parkman was able to defeat his father which was one the great highlights for the character and for this season of Heroes.

We see Peter and Caitlin wandering around NYC which looks deserted and quite the mess that I used to remember it when I lived there. Although I expected from crazed zombies to attack them but we get a live action version of the CDA from Monster’s Inc. where I was expecting someone shouting out, “We have a 23-19 in progress.” We see them get a forceable shower which once again, we have to see the half naked man candy Peter struggling and resisting. However, Peter does have Claire’s healing ability. Does this mean that if he had a deadly virus, the healing ability would get rid of it, right? Just as Mohinder used his blood as a cure, Peter’s blood could be used the same way. Later, Peter is brought in to see his mother who has survived the outbreak and the attempted hit on her life. This begs the question, if she was on the list to kill, how did she manage to get away from Adam? Peter transports himself back to Montreal where is see Adam or Kensei. We shall see where this takes us.

Claire wakes up to a text from West about breakfast. A few moments later, we see West in Claire’s home making breakfast, sort of. This was a bit of a stretch as Claire’s mom lets West who has no idea who West is other than perhaps him saying he is her friend. That like saying, what if Beavis and Butt-head came to the door and Butt-head said to Claire’s mom, “Uhhh, we are like, uhhh, friends with, uhhh, Claire,” says Butthead. Beavis, “I am Cornholio. Boooiiinnnggg.” But as we move on, the only purpose of this scene is to have West boast about being in the paper. They could have done this in school or a simply conversation over the phone. Since the mom is cool with West, we see them chillin’ at the house until Big Daddy HRG comes home. We do see this played out as both Claire and HRG are both equally guilty of pursuing their self interest. Both are justified but both at fault.

At one point watching this episode, I started to think about a Heroes Smackdown. We know that Peter’s ability to not only mimic other people’s powers but he keeps them as his own. However, Parkman as we saw in the showdown with his father Maury was able to stop him and develop a greater use in this powers. If the two came down to blows, Parkman would get the upper hand at first as Peter may be fooled into believing that his powers don’t work. Parkman could create an alter reality for Peter and may or may not know the reason behind it. However, if Peter found out that this was an illusion, Peter would then absorb this ability as reserve it on Parkman into believing his stopped or defeated Peter. Other than Sylar, who at this moment has no powers, Parkman can become part of the Heroes food chain.

Overall, the episode is still enjoyable to watch but as Tim Kring pointed out about the failing of season two is the same plot pacing as season one. I understand the need to make those who have missed season one to sort of catch up but my arguement is that is what dvds are for. Also, with the WGA still going on, I fear that the season will be cut very short before the year is out.

  1. Hiro says:

    Dude, I wish the damn writers would get back to work.


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