Heroes – “Four Months Ago” episode review

Posted: November 15, 2007 in Scifi
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I would like to start off this brief review with a big WOW on this episode. The Four Months Ago episode was about close too being as perfect to last year’s Five Years Gone episode. Before I delve any further, I wanted to comment on the Tim Kring article as seen as here on Entertainment Weekly website as this will be the main focus.

He goes on to apologize for the drop off in ratings and the sluggish storytelling. As for the later, this was one of the major draws to watching Season 1 of Heroes as we led brilliantly up to a great build up at end of the season. I know for many this is a major turnoff but I was not dissappointed because in every episode you, the viewer, were given small gems or tidbits of information that moved the series along from week to week. Granted, this season started off with some suprises that were less than stellar like the return of Sylar but this last episode made the wait all worth it as the missing 4 months were revealed to all of us who invested the time in watching this series.

We saw the back story to the Wonder Twins, Alejandro and Maya, and the reason they were on the run. We saw how DL truly died and not by Linderman’s hand. We saw how Peter wound up in Ireland and his connection to Adam. I believe that you could not have told this story any differently and yet have the same desired effect. I will say this, the pacing the 4 Months Ago episode was top notch as the stories weaved beautifully. This achievement could have can only be achieved with the slower setup pacing in the beginning. I do prefer this option where there is a longer story arc rather than a self contained episode. The downside was how Sylar was left out of this episode but I would conclude that this is done for reason. Having said this, Tim Kring goes on to say in the article that December 3 might be the last of Heroes Season 2 due to the WGA strike and the rushed closing of plotlines will be horrible.

Sorry for the lack of more details in the episode but I’ve been falling behind in school work. I will say this about Niki or rather Gina; does the change of hair style the new “evil goatee” in the scifi genre to denote someone as being evil? Apparantely, yes. If you saw Spiderman 3, which I still did not buy on dvd because it sucked, Peter Parker or rather Darker Parker changed his hairstyle while under the influence of Venom. Now, Niki who no longer has Jessica as her evil twin but now has Gina to take her place. Man, talk about having everywoman inside of her; as the song goes. Anywho, take a look at this earlier entry on my blog as this was one of the very first separated @ birth…scifi style.


  1. bc3263827 says:

    With only a couple of episodes left until the possible end of the season, I think it really will be a horrible closing episode. I doubt that any of the plot-lines will get what they need to resolve completely. I almost wish they would just stop there and postpone until next season then pick it up again, I would rather wait.


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