BSG Season 3 TV Soundtrack Review

Posted: December 3, 2007 in Scifi
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I will begin writing the first audio review with a bit of nervousness. I have been a movie and tv soundtrack fan since my record of the Star Wars album back in 1977. I can spot a film composer’s work very easily by listening to just a few bars. Yet,  I don’t know many composing technical terms but I will try my best to review this cd for your benefit.

Last week. I went to Tampa/Orlando for a few days. Once there, I went to the Virgin Megastore in Westside Market Place/Downtown Disney where they have one of the best collection of soundtracks to buy and yet came up empty hand. It wasn’t until my last day in Tampa where I stopped off a Borders Books and found this one and only cd. In a twist of fate, many years back, when the BSG miniseries hit the airwaves, I made the same trip up to Tampa, to the same Borders and found the soundtrack to the miniseries which was done Richard Gibbs. Bear was taken over since the start of the series. 

I attempted to do my very first demo podcast for my marketing class last year. I did a review of a piece Bear did on Season 2  did and I fumbled and rambled. The best part was I just shut the hell up and let the piece play. Soon, very soon, my podcast will be embedded in my blog and I’ll do a better job. Until then bear with me as I gush over Bear’s work.Aside from BSG being a top notch scifi series, Bear McCreary has become an incredible composer who embodies the spirit of BSG in his music. There is an incredible fusion of instruments like to from around the world that is part of setting the BSG apart from the classical soundtracks such as Star Trek, Star Wars, and Babylon 5 to name a few.

One mark of a great soundtrack, regardless of the genre, they need to play outside the film on its own merits. As much I play soundtracks on my computer and mp3 player, you start to hear themes are broken up or played differently with a different arragement. I hear this more on this 3rd cd than the previous two. As the characters grow on the show, so does this music as it combines elements from the first two cd into a more unique and mature piece. Check out this track and you’ll see the difference:

Passacaglia – Track 24  Season 1 

Allegro – Track 5 Season 2

Violence and Variations – Track 7 Season 3 

Another way to describe this transition is the theme of Luke Skywalker by John Williams where from Episode 4 – 6 his theme had changed over the series of the movies just as the character grew from a farm boy, to warrior, and to a Jedi Knight.

I am still amazed by the quality of selections for Season 3 as ever season of music gets better and better. My hope is that you will like this review enough to go to and at least take a listen to the samples. Or even better, go read Bear’s blog yourself who has a much better take on the cd since he was the one who did, duh, no brainer. Click here to read the blog entry.

FYI – Keep an eye out for my DVD review of BSG: Razor.


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