What I Really Want For X-Mas Is AVP2 Under My Tree


me-with-facefugger.jpgRunning with little sleep from last night’s success to stream my podcast, I went to my google reader and lo and behold, Empire posted a link to see the first five minutes of AVP2 or AVP-R which you can go here to watch it. I really got excited by what I saw but even more when I visited the official website, and did my own facehugger on my simpsonize portrait of myself. I’m not sure what is more disturbing, see this picture with the facehugger or the fact that I really want to see this movie. Please for the love of god, let there be no backstory of the Alien vs Predator fighting in Antartica. I was really ticked off by the lame story and how there was no clear winner in the battle. I mean, this is the ultimate scifi smackdown and should be treated as such. According to an article on Scifi.com, it appears that the film should be back on track. 

While waiting to pass the time, if you haven’t seen the fan film Batman: Dead End which is Batman v. Alien v. Predator, take a look below.

Read previous entry AVP2 w/pic of Predalien

I could help myself to have fun with a celeb:



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