Separated @ Birth… Scifi Style Part 8

Posted: December 13, 2007 in Scifi
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So the story goes one played a pseudo gay Dune* character who is straight while the other one played a drugged crazed hetero version of himself who is gay. Who cares, except to say the after seeing the new trailer of Harold and Kumar 2, I am glad to see Neil back in the proverbial seat again playing a parody of himself which stole the show in the first movie.
Speaking of Harold and Kumar, Kumar played by Kal Penn has appeared on 24 as well as House. Harold played by John Cho has also been busy since the first movie and has landed the role of Sulu for the new Star Trek XI. Go here to watch the trailer which is not safe for work do to nudity which is fine by me but it may not be cool for your co-workers/boss. Could Harold and Kumar be the Next Generation of Abbott & Costello meets Bing Crosby & Bob Hope road movies? 

Escape from Guantanamo Bay Poster

*Don’t forget about the Dune Book Group coming up in April.

  1. I would just love to see Neil in love and happy with someone deserving of his love


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