I Am Legend Movie Review

Posted: December 17, 2007 in Scifi
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Some SPOILERS ahead: 

Having seen I Am Legend, I must say that this is a must see movie and one of the best science fiction movies. Will Smith who plays Robert Neville is the last man on Earth in the not too near future. I have seen bits and piece of Charlton Heston’s Omega Man which were cheesy looking mutants, I knew that since spfx have come a long way this movie shouldn’t suck. Right from the onset where we jump three years into the future, NYC is literally a ghost town. Will goes hunting for food with his dog. This sequence shows how grim our world has become. From screenwriting POV, this is the best use of showing and not telling us the story. Yet, faced with these incredible odds, Will refuses to give up in finding a cure.

Throughout the movie, Will’s performance as Robert Neville in nothing short of amazing. Had Will did not do The Pursuit of Happyness this would have been another Wild, Wild West spectular mess with even less emotional attachment. Will is driving force of the movie and shows Neville’s motivation with the brilliant connection to Bob Marley. I am not going to reveal this fact but I thought the concept was right in step this character’s enculturation.  

The hardest parts of the movie to watch were the flashback which were not overused and the loss of his dog companion. I truly felt his emotions as they were real and honest and didn’t having to rely on the soundtrack in the background to sell it. For example, he has mannequins placed around a dvd rental store to make him feel more less alone. He does have conversations with them, while one sided, gives him some sense of normalcy. When he looses his dog, he goes back to the same store and goes up to one of the female mannequins he was too shy to say anything before and now says hello. He starts to breakdown even further as he just wants to hear someone say Hello back to him.  

There is very little to complain about the movie but would like to talk further with anyone who has seen it. For the inner geek, as Robert was hunting in the Times Square area, I saw this same emblem below on a huge movie marquee with a release date of 2010. Can life imidate art?


From http://tunaflix.com/?p=1202 

Full Frontal Nerdity Picture

  1. mywoodenrobot says:

    Lol. I think the Batman/Superman movie would be pretty cool. Anyway, I saw the movie last night and was blown away. I’m not really a science fiction fan, but this will certainly make me reconsider. The best part about it (I thought) was that there were no holes in the story. I didn’t finish the movie wondering, “How did that part come about?” or “But why didn’t this happen?” Everything was pretty realistic. Even the part when he gets trapped, falls, and injures himself. (I don’t want to give it away to those that haven’t seen it.) All the emotions and reactions, I thought, were thoroughly genuine.


  2. monster7of9 says:

    This was one of the biggest strengths in the pacing and storytelling.

    The one thing I was not clear was why was Neville the main scientist? I thought the lady in the beginning, who I want to say was Emma Thompson, was responsible for the cancer cure virus. Where was Robert in that process?


  3. mywoodenrobot says:

    Not so sure. Maybe he was the scientist that was comissioned to find a cure to reverse the side effects… I think that was Emma Thompson too. I wonder what happened to her in the movie. Did she get infected too?


  4. YLC says:

    Saw the term “endearing” in a few online reviews about the film. Guess “I Am Legend” will be in the top 3 films of all time where the character(s) are noted as endearing.

    Interested in how well this movie is doing financially? Check the line for a capsulized summary.



  5. lostmoya says:

    It’s not out here until the 26th, but I’m definitely going to see it. Loved the book, and while I’m sure this won’t be the same as that I’m still hoping for a good old post-apocalyptic thriller.

    One concern I have with a lot of post-apoc films, though, is that they start of killer, then lose it somewhere near the end (cf. 28 Days Later). Hope that doesn’t happen here.


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