Terminator Series in January

Posted: December 17, 2007 in Scifi
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The Sarah Connor Chronicle posters

While I thought the idea of another Terminator was over after the dismal Termin61989_summer_glau_-_unknown_photoshoot0002_122_1171lo.jpgator 3, I am quite psyched about the series. Summer Glau (River from Serenity) as a female Terminator was at first questionable but the poster above has changed my mind especially after my earlier post about Sex with Robots. The only problem with the concept of the show is that you know how it ends with John Connor leads the revolt against the Machines. So, when you take out that threat of possible loss of a major character, this becomes nothing more than a chase series with a new Terminator of the week shows up.

Another scifi series that was on the run was Starman with Robert Hayes. The movie was great and I even bought in to the concept of Starman using another host body for the series but when he found his son and went off to find Jenny (not Karen Allen but Erin Gray – she was seen once) I was truly bored to tears. Will have to see what happens to the Terminator series as there is no nothing to watch with the WGA strike. The question to ask, since Fox is known for cancelling series before they take off like Firefly, will the Terminator series be cancelled just as quickly? Below is the trailer for the Terminator series just in case if you haven’t seen it. Lastly, another pic of Summer Glau.




  1. I think my friend, Terminator The sarah connor chronicles could be better than just a franchise. maybe something all the Terminator fans (including myself) awaited for.

    This serie’s cancel will wreck all the hopes to see a good tv series taken from a movie. if you remember this is not the first time that a movie becomes a series (the adventures of the young indiana jones, I remember) and could take better chances.


  2. Jack says:

    Summer is hot!!!!!!!!!1


  3. James says:

    It will be great to see a female terminator in action.


  4. noel says:

    its totaly exiting


  5. carlos says:

    summer glau es una mamasita que hembra tan rica mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh


  6. og says:

    dude if she was my robot id hit that


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