More Than A Woman or Bald Headed Woman… Scifi Humor

Posted: January 13, 2008 in Scifi
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Last night I checked out from the library Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta. It had been years since I’ve seen this movie and from a writing pov this was a good character study. Some time ago, I made fun of the Bee Gees song “More Than A Woman” by calling it “Bald Headed Woman.” As the movie played on and the song came on, I started singing Bald Headed Woman to my wife. This is the perfect ear worm to look out for because you too will start believing the Bee Gees are saying Bald Headed Woman.

This led me into thinking about bald headed women on the scifi/fantasy genre especially since I just watched Smallville Season 5 “Fantatic” episode. In this episode, an election worker for Lex goes overboard to help him win the Senate seat including shaving her head. So, I thought this was the perfect marriage of my twisted sense of humor to find as many bald headed female characters with the soulful sounds of the Bee Gees. I hope you enjoy it. 


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