Captain Apollo Wants Your Help

Posted: January 23, 2008 in Scifi
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I logged into my MySpace where Richard “Apollo” Hatch sent out a request for help on his website. While I do not have the talent, I promised to make this entry on my blog. Please look below for the message. If you are interested, you can go to his MySpace account to send him a message of your interest or if you have a problem, email me at and I’ll forward the message.

Hi guys,

Just back from my cruise and boy, was it fun!! Warm weather, water and lots of great friends to ride the high seas with. Amazing week! We’re now in the process of planning a new cruise to Alaska for 2009. We’ll have a updated site within the next month with all the new info and pics from the last cruise. Any takers!! In any case it’s back to reality and new business opportunities. I’m in the process of rebuilding my site and am looking for a web designer/graphic artist/flash guy or woman, who has the right skilll set, time and passion to help us build a really amazing site. We get hundreds of thousands of people passing through our site weekly so this would be a great opportunity to advertise your work and abilities to a large group of people . We’ve had some good people willing to help us in the past but unfortunately their available time, energy and skill set didn’t match up to what we needed to create a world class destination website that would serve the worldwide Battlestar community. We would love to find someone who truly has the ability to commit the time necessary to getting this new site completed as soon as is reasonably possible. And we would love to find someone to help our current webmaster Mike Mcadams with managing and updating the new site. We are also adding a social networking capability to the new site as well along with many other new features including a customized email service. If interested or if you know someone who can help us please contact me here and leave a contact number so we can get in touch. Thanks for listening and I send each and every one of you a big hello and many good wishes for this year. Keep the faith and so say we all. Richard

Click here to visit his MySpace site.


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