What the Hell is a Quantum of Solace???

Posted: January 24, 2008 in Scifi
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Over at Scifi.com, they have reported the new James Bond film title as Quantum of Solace. This strikes me scratching my one haired head, what exactly does this supposed to mean? Going back to past Bond films, either the character of Bond would utter the phrase of the movie title during a certain point in the movie or the title sums up the action of the movie. For example, in the Living Daylights, Bond (Timothy Dalton) foils a female assassin and scares the Living Daylights out of her as Bond uttered. Or in Die Another Day, Bond (Pierce Brosnan) was captured at the very beginning of the film and totured brutally but not enough to die that day; hence the title. But this Solace thing is too…vague or so remote that fans will be unclear what to expect. However, go over to the scifi.com site to read more about the plot line and cast of the Bond villian and girl. Or, go to the wikipedia site here.

  1. El Santo says:

    From what I understand, “Quantum of Solace” is the title of an Ian Fleming short story where James Bond is one of the guests at a dinner party.

    … yeah, that doesn’t help it make much more sense, either.


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