30 Days of Night Graphic Novel Review

Posted: January 29, 2008 in Scifi
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I finally picked up this graphic novel because of my interest to read this first before the dvd comes out. Plus, in the back of the novel, there was a partial comic book manuscript which I love to read and compare it to the actual material. For me, I am not a fast reader but once I get hooked on to something, rarely do I put it down. In this case, 30 Days really captured my attention and interests immediately. One of the plus side to this novel is how it doesn’t bog down the reader in setting up characters and settings. Within the first 5 pages, you know where you are, who are the leads, and what’s the story going to be about.

As I was researching further on this entry, I discovered that Stuart Beattie was the screenwriter for the graphic novel of 30 Days. Taking a step further, I watched Michael Mann’s Collateral because of a screenwriting podcast called, “On The Page” that I listen to a regular basis.  The host’s name is Pilar Alessandra and she briefly talk about the concept which from a screenwriting observation made me check it out from the library. I was deeply glued to the story and the development of the characters. As I went back to listen to the director’s commentary, he that this to say,

 “What attracted me to the Stuart Beattie’s screenplay was the notion that it all happens in a very short time-frame, meaning, that it’s like the third act of a traditional act of a traditional drama: You’re makin a whole motion picture about the third act. One of the big reasons I wanted to make the film, was we’re seeing fractions or fractals. We’re seeing a fraction that represents the whole. Only what you need to know is what you’re seeing. And it doesn’t go backwards in time or give you exposition about other parts of their lives. They don’t talk about themselves.”

When I heard this statement and now knowing that Stuart did the script for 30 Days,  this was my “A-ha” moment. I could see the connection in the writing style with Steve Niles and why Stuart would be a good fit for the graphic novel adaptation. However, I have not seeing the movie nor have read the actual screenplay so I can’t fully say how well both were done. I can say that graphic novels just gives a glimpes of a much larger story which I am happy to see there are several novel that Steve wrote. On the whole, I loved the pacing, quick storytelling and the nice bookends metaphors in reference to the sun setting and rising. If you get the chance, pick it up from the library or buy yourself one, this is a great keeper.

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